Greenhouse effect

When we left to go to India last August, we did our best in getting our house and yard ready for the fall and early winter, to be by itself.  But we had lots of plants growing, that we had started because we love gardening, but mostly, because we wanted to share them with our friends who would come and watch our house while we were gone.  We wanted them to have tomatoes and basil to take home.  Enjoy the corn, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots and anything else that was growing and would survive without much weeding.

And I think most of our friends did enjoy them.  I really hope so.  I am very glad for that because it was just a small gesture to thank them for all the times they came to rake our leaves, pick up apples, and keep an eye on the house.

This year, we are ready to get started on the garden and enjoy every stage of it.  Actually, Siena is even more ready to get going and has been cleaning our seed packets and seeing what we want to plant in the garden and which ones are too old.  On a side note, why haven’t we cleaned these seeds out before, since we have seed packets from the 1900’s and early 2000’s?  Sounds old, doesn’t it!

She started the seeds in pots she makes out of newspaper, and every other recycled container that she can get her hands on, that can work as a greenhouse.

She’s diligent at watering them every day and checking few times a day to make sure they are doing OK, and which ones are starting to sprout.  She takes them outside when it’s sunny, bringing them back in in the evening, watering them some more, letting them go without water if they looked wet.  Moving them to the art studio where it’s warmer (sadly, but it is the only insulated place in our home) was a great idea. She’s really taking very good care of her seeds and her little starts as they start appearing.

We talked about building a cold frame, maybe a greenhouse.  I looked on Pinterest for ideas, blogs, websites, and it all seemed overwhelming to get started on anything big.  Also, we wanted to be safe because there’s lots of baseballs and soccer balls getting kicked and tossed in the backyard, so we thought glass windows wouldn’t be a good idea. We were searching and thinking, when we found one at a store here, and made it look so simple.

So we got it.

I’m not sure how long it will last, but for now, it is the best thing.  If you could have seen Siena’s face.  What I would call Our Greenhouse Effect. As big of a smile than during her swim meet.  She’s our gardener here at home and this was the best gift we could have given her, and we all enjoy being outside too, and working together in our garden makes it even more fun!

Siena and Mark put it together.

Our garden needs some attention now to clean it up.  But we are also waiting for when we are ready to plant, so not to disturb the critters living in our dirt, during the cold months, or even before we are ready to plant.

This is how it looked last week.

And now we have a green house there too.

Photo by Siena

We have some seeds growing there being well taken cared of by a happy 9 year old gardener and her younger helper.  It is so exciting to have all this time to plan and play in the dirt and seeds.  And as a great side effect as Siena and Lucas pointed out yesterday, when you go in the greenhouse when it’s been sunny for few hours, it reminds us of India.

We are ready for spring or whatever it is coming our way.


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