Ready for whatever it will be

I know, we’ve read it everywhere, we’ve seen it in the news, on the radio we hear crazy weather stories, but it is true!

We don’t know what it is!  I’m really enjoying the colder weather and I’m OK waiting for the garden, just to catch up on my cold weather quota. But the rest of my family is more than ready for warmer days.

Just over a week ago we woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground.  Late March and snow on the ground in Portland…  I love it! It always looks so pretty.  By the time we actually got up, it was melting already and it wasn’t more than the looks.  I wish we would have had a real snow day this winter.  Maybe next year!  For now, this was just so pretty to look at and see us all smiling from inside, warm and cozy, enjoying the little snowflakes coming down and the thin layer on the ground.  It’s worth it!

But the ground is telling us something different.

As my family, these plants (woodruff) are ready to flower and come out to share the air.


My Mother’s Day Clematis Siena and Lucas gave me few year’s ago.

Our apple tree.

And Siena and Lucas are ready to just be outside too.

The one thing I am sure of, is that our days are getting longer and the warmth will come back to wrap us all soon enough.  By then, I might be ready to spend more time outside and enjoy our summer again.  For now, I am taking and enjoying whatever the day brings.


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