Helping others

When Siena and Lucas were really little, we asked our friends not to bring gifts to our birthdays.  After that, they decide on their own what they wanted to do for their birthdays.

Siena on her fifth birthday wanted to do a Giant Panda themed party and she decided to ask her friends to not bring her presents, but instead help her with a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to help the Pandas.  She was so excited about being able to do that.

That year we went to San Diego to celebrate Siena’s birthday to see the newly born Giant Panda at the San Diego Zoo.  We had been watching for weeks, each day, on the webcam online how the tiny Panda was growing.  We read each observation made by the caretakers and zoo staff.  Lucas was 1 1/2 years old then, so he says he doesn’t remember much of this trip and he’s asking to go back and see it again, because it was such a fun trip for all of us.

Last year Siena wanted to have another Panda birthday.  Her love for this cute animal is incredible and I can see us going to China someday to see them in person.  I hope we do one day.  And hopefully we’ll be able to see them and find them in nature as their number increases.  We can only hope and help in our small ways to help them get off the endangered list some day.

Now that we’ve been back from our stay in India, Siena has been wanting to do something so she can donate more money to WWF.  She’s thinking and looking everywhere.  She doesn’t really know what to do yet.  She’s been talking to friends and Lucas in having a hot chocolate stand, and wait on the lemonade, for these not so hot days.  I wonder if a coffee stand would go well too…

We’ve been learning a little about China and Giant Pandas.  We are reading lots of books and trying to see ways we can help.  Siena’s dilemma for a while now has been ways she can interest people with more money to donate and help her with the Panda’s conservation.  She’s trying to figure out how she can reach them and help towards her cause.  I can’t believe she’s been thinking in this bigger picture.

Few days ago I saw her browsing through some books looking for a project.  She picked up Craft Hope.  Looked at it and came to me asking if we could do one of the dolls they have there to help one the organization featured in the book.  I think we’ll be visiting their blog more often and getting more involved.  I have a little girl who wants to help make the world a little better for everyone.

With cold weather right now, Siena and Lucas were outside already making money for their donation:

They started their new collection to help penguins and  pandas.

With an extra day this year, they might be already ahead!

If anybody out there has some ideas on how we can help this little girl of mine help make money for her dear Pandas, (or Lucas’s penguins) or reach more people to help her in this challenge, we’d appreciate it.  We are always open to trying new things. Thanks!

Hope the extra day we get this month is a good one!


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