Chinese New Year : A visit to the store

Part of our tradition to celebrate Chinese New Year, is that we go to the Asian supermarket to get the ingredients for our dinner with friends, and to have lunch.  We go here some other times throughout the year, but this time is a must.

This year we went to Fubon.

We stop to check out the baked goods.

The produce area.

I love going in the mornings, there aren’t that many people and we can look everything and take our time.

And in our excitement we lost our list, so we had another reason to go up and down the isles. Fun!

These two things reminded us of India:

These chocolate cookies we saw them a lot there.

And Maggi noodles.

Siena and Lucas found something for me, MAMÁ brand noodles.  They were so excited, just how we found things for TATA in India.

A shirt and tie and jacket, all made out of paper.  I don’t know what the Chinese traditions say about these.  But look at how beautifully these are made.

Good luck in this New Year.


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