Chinese New Year: The Lion Dance at the library

Every year, for the past 10-12 years maybe, we’ve celebrated Chinese New Year.  I always love a reason to make special food that I usually don’t cook.  I don’t know why I don’t make Chinese food more often because everyone at home really likes it.  Maybe I will this year.

Every year we do the same activities, which I guess it’s turning into one of our family traditions, and I love that.  One of those traditions that has evolved from being just the two of us as a couple to now adding more activities that are fun for Siena and Lucas too.

Last week we went to the Library, to see the Lion Dance.

They are reaching for the lettuce.

They ate it and throw some to the audience.  We talk about this lettuce throwing part throughout the year. It’s fun.

After the Lion Dance done by the Lee’s Association there was a song and a dance done by some students. They did a great job.

You can see a video I made of part of the dance.

After this dance, there was a puppet show done by this great woman, we’ve seen many times before, but not in few years.  Penny’s Puppets.  She’s great.

And of course, I also checked out the books.

This year the Lion Dance was at a different library branch, and I love that it gives us another reason to visit a place we haven’t been in a while.

Happy New Year! And welcome 2012, the year of the dragon.


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