What I’m missing from India

Living in a different place, you make your house, your home. We lived in a house the school gave us for the time of our stay in Gwalior. We made it ours, and made it work with what we had.

Now, a month after arriving home, I can say that I miss our place there.  When we first arrived, it took few weeks for us to adjust to our new time and new schedules.  I kept talking to our friends saying “home” as the house in Gwalior.  It was home for that time.  it felt like home for the most part, we tried hard to make it home.

Now from here I miss some things and some people.  And as the rest of our stay in India, I don’t want to forget what we had there, so I’d like to share here a list of things I’m missing from India, so we can look back and remember them as we read through these pages later on this year or in the future.

:: Our friends.

And lots more friends I don’t have the space here to share, but they are close to our hearts.

:: Tasty fruits: like custard apples, pineapples, papayas, and bananas.

:: Seeing the statues on the way up the fort, whenever I wanted to see them.

:: The beautiful clothes. Look at our friends with beautiful clothes every day!

:: Krishna, the cutest baby in the world!

:: Seeing the students ride the horses and walk and run in front of our house.

:: Seeing Siena and Lucas walking around the school.  Especially with their uniforms!

:: The cool buildings everywhere.

:: Hearing and seeing the school marching band parade in front of our house as they prepared for their performance in Delhi.

:: Seeing this huge cat (we called him “the tiger”) once in a while around the house.  I don’t think it was anybody’s cat and he was huge for sure!

:: Seeing our friends Mac and Ros.  They have also gone back to their home in England, we miss seeing them every day of our four months stay in India.  It was a real gift to have met them.  Very special people indeed.

:: Knowing it’s going to be sunny the next day, for sure.

:: The sound of the peacocks.  Their calls. But I need to admit, that Siena learned to make the same sound, and we can ask her to do it, and it almost takes me back home, our other home, to India.

:: Cheap vegetables.

:: Sweet and delicious red carrots.

:: The pool on sunny, warm days.

:: Seeing Mark ride the bike to work to a meeting or to help a student and then come right back.  No car necessary and maybe for just half an hour.  That never happens here at home.

:: Seeing the red sun at sunset.  Even though I know it was so red because of the dust.

:: Sometimes I miss getting fresh milk every day.

::  The teacher’s tea time each morning and seeing Mark during school/work hours.

:: The delicious samosas at said tea break.

:: Seeing Mark during the day.  When we could work to his work and come back in just 10 minutes. Have a snack or lunch with him.

:: The beautiful colors of the women all over and what the teachers wore every day.  Kurtas and sarees brightens anybody’s day.

:: Sometimes I miss the funny honking of the buses carrying the junior students back to their houses.

:: The parrots and their sounds.

:: Seeing the cows walk in front of our house.

:: Seeing the Gurudwara, a beautiful marble building just across the (football) field from our house.

:: The students walking outside on their uniform.

:: Seeing Siena and Lucas play with their friends.

:: Auto rickshaws.

:: Going to the Art Department and seeing the teachers and the students do their work and seeing all the art being done.

:: Walking down to the school and passing beautiful, ancient buildings.

:: Siena doing mehndi every other day.

:: Head massages for $1.

:: The music classroom.

:: “The curves”.

But one thing I’m NOT the least missing:

:: Taking malaria medicine every single morning.


2 thoughts on “What I’m missing from India

  1. Glimmering Girl January 23, 2012 / 12:11 pm

    It seems like a place that is filled with beauty.

    • naturallyfundays : marcela January 23, 2012 / 10:05 pm

      Yes, Glimmering Girl. It was such a beautiful place, amazing, full of contrast. I kept thinking each day we were in India, it was ‘amazing’, for so many reasons. Just amazing.

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