Snow day

The last week here in Portland has been very cold, on and off.  And we’ve had warnings of snow falling.  But where we live it’s not that high so we don’t get to see lots of snowflakes, even when other parts of Portland get them.  but we hope.

Two nights ago it had snowed a little, but it didn’t stick on the ground.  To me, it’s the most beautiful sight in a winter’s day. Snowflakes falling.

Yesterday was a little different. It started snowing the night before, when everyone was asleep.  I went outside and without realizing it the snowflakes were sticking on the ground, covering everything in a thin white sheet.  It was chilly.

I opened the curtains so I could see it falling from the warmth inside.  With the street lights outside, I could see it falling for a couple of hours, and everything was bright and very quiet.  I love it.

Me, being an night owl, I wonder who else was able to witness this beautiful storm.

By the time Mark got up early in the morning, it had started to rain and melt some of the snow.   He still had to go to work today, regular hours.  But I think he got to see how pretty it looked.

Photo by Siena

When Lucas and Siena woke up they were so excited to see that there was snow on the ground.  They were screaming and jumping of excitement.  They got dressed real quick and went outside to play.  Not much snow left and very wet.  But snow nevertheless.

We went for a walk and saw all those half fallen snow people, and some trees that have fallen with last night’s storm.  The left over of nature.  The fun ones and the sad and scary ones.

We were lucky.  Our house is intact as are all of our trees.  We did some trimming before we left to India last August, in case a storm like this would have happened while we were gone. I think the work we did helped.

I wish we’d get more snow this winter, without the rain or the wind.  Just the fun part when everyone can enjoy.  Will cross my fingers.


2 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Monica January 21, 2012 / 5:12 am

    Que lindo se ve todo blanco ! Que arbol se desgancho ? Ha seguido nevando ?

    • naturallyfundays : marcela January 21, 2012 / 9:57 pm

      Super lindo Mama. Me encanta como se ve todo con nieve…. ojala caiga mas nieve este invierno, despues de que se acabe las hinundaciones.

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