Things I love about the holidays this year

To follow up on Amanda’s post few days ago, I’d like to share here so I can remember the things I love the most about the holidays this year.

::: being home.  I think this was the best decision we could have made.  Just being home together was just perfect.

::: having the ‘welcome home’ banner on our living room made by our friends.

::: having enough time to get a Christmas tree to decorate and give us the spirit and lights of the season.

::: the cold weather to remind me that we are home for the holidays.

::: going to the park with friends after so many months of not being home, even in a cold afternoon, with the sun shyly peaking through the tall trees.  A beautiful sight for sure.

::: the love and excitement of Lucas finishing Siena’s present with Mark.

::: pulling the tree ornaments out of the boxes and remembering when each one was received, as we do each year.

::: seeing the magic of having holiday traditions and what it does to our family.

::: hearing the rain outside.

::: seeing the lights in houses and the trees inside their windows.

::: seeing the river again going through the middle of the city.

::: seeing the mountains around Portland all white with snow.

::: the ‘welcome’ signs posted on our porch, a fresh wreath, a beautiful banner in our living room, homemade cookies and delicious oranges all waiting for us when we arrived at home from our 4 month adventure, just a day before solstice.  Thank you dear friends.

::: going to see the lights at Peacock Lane like every year.

::: musical snow globes.

::: Jan Brett‘s books and beautiful illustrations.

::: invited to make our own gingerbread houses with friends.

::: Christmas day: breakfast at home, pajamas OK all day, no plans but play all day long.

::: making cinnamon rolls, like every year.

::: eating said cinnamon rolls.

::: being together.


One thought on “Things I love about the holidays this year

  1. Monica January 2, 2012 / 2:07 pm

    Mhhhhh !!! ¡ que ricos se ven los cinnamon rolls !! ¡ guárdame unoooooo !

    ¡¡ Que linda la foto que se reflejan todos Uds. en el adorno navideño !! En la foto de Navidad que envié , Lia dijo ( observadora ) que en el adorno se veía la fotógrafa ( yo) …..


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