One more time around the sun

We are home now. We arrived 10 days ago from our 4-month-long exchange to India. I think now we are all feeling much better our bodies adjusting slowly to the new time with the 13 1/2 hours difference between home and our last home in Gwalior.

And today we celebrate the man who has changed my life in so many ways, and many times in my lifetime, as couples do as they grow up together.

Mark was born in Idaho, 43 years ago, to what seems today two young parents. Look at him!

(I didn’t take these pictures, of course, being so much younger and all, though I really wish I could have met this baby cutie.)

I’ve known Mark for almost 26 years.  We were very young, in high school actually when I first met him.  And it was a love at first sight, that grew, and we never knew that it was going to turn into sharing our lives together.

I am so lucky to have met him so long ago and that I’ve lived with him for more than half of my life.

We’ve grown up together all these years.  From a high school love (as an exchange student) to college days to our wedding.

We’ve travelled together to foreign lands, and to not so distant places.  We’ve done lots of things together.  Some crazier than others.  But the most amazing thing of all is to be living with this man each day.  How lucky can I be!

Love you, Mark.  I know… 43! and still as a beautiful (actually even more!) as at 17.  I’m so glad we can celebrate your day together.

Have a beautiful birthday.  –marcela


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