The party : celebrating with friends

Remember Siena’s birthday party? It seemed like it was so long ago.  So much has happened in the past 5 months that it almost seems impossible to think this was less than a year ago.

After our return from Goa we planned Lucas’s birthday celebration with his friends here at our Gwalior home.  Something very hard to do when we have spent a whole week with 50 6th graders up camping, and seeing all the other 500 students at the school each day. And especially when everyone is so nice with us.  It was hard for Lucas to decide who he wanted to invite or what we could do to celebrate with friends.

So we decided, after many changes and many ideas, to have few friends over for cake and some snacks at home and then play baseball in the field across from our house with everyone Lucas has been wanting to play with.  Since we arrived in India, he’s been sharing his love for baseball and wanting to have a game with some teachers and students.  But everyone is so very busy it had never worked.

But today was the day.

(The pizza box and the paper are going to be the bases.)

We decorated.

Mr and Mrs Bakshi helped us get a cake for Lucas… and can you see Lucas’s face full of smiles? It was a fun cake!

Had Lucas’s favorite snacks from here.

Can you ever go wrong with bottles and rubber bands?

Ros and Mac gave Lucas an I.O.U. which makes it so much more fun to think we can go see them in England or that they are coming to Portland!

Photo by Karel
Photo by Karel

Water balloon toss.

And then more friends came to play baseball!

Can you tell how happy Lucas is?  His 4-month dream finally came true.

Thank you so much to all of our new friends, for making Lucas’s celebration a beautiful one.  We all had lots of fun and Lucas couldn’t have asked for a better day, I don’t think.


2 thoughts on “The party : celebrating with friends

  1. Amy Jo December 16, 2011 / 9:58 am

    What a great party! It looks like everyone had lots of fun. Not surprising, because your birthday parties are the best!

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