Hikes to the falls : Goa

The place we stayed at had three different hikes each day.  Early in the morning there was a bird walk, a hike to the falls after breakfast, and another hike to a different place in the evenings.  It was great to be able to choose from all of these.

Mark took a couple of bird walks before breakfast.  As the three of us, rest of the family, slept in later.  After breakfast we went to a couple of the hikes.

A little sign of fall.  But I’m not sure if there is such a marked season here.  I still love these colors.

You can see the falls behind Siena.

Blue-eared Kingfisher.

Once we walked for about an hour we got to one of the falls from the nature preserve we were staying at.  They had this coracle boat waiting, if you want to get closer to the falls.

Photo by Siena

Photo by Mark

There was just one problem.  Lucas, Siena and I got sick with a bad cold while traveling here.  Lucas was getting better when we arrived in Goa. I’m glad he had a short-lived cold.  Siena after two days of high fever and laying low while in the Resort, started to feel better the day we were leaving.  So, Mark and Lucas took another hike back to the falls the day before we left and it had been raining hard each night.

***All these photos below are taken by Mark or Lucas.

Photo by Lucas

Mark got in the water because the first time we forgot our swimsuits. The water wasn’t that cold, they say.

Green vine snake.

Though we were not all feeling our best while we were here, it was still a beautiful place to rest and just watch outside, or take a nap with the sounds of birds singing, and monkeys playing. Very peaceful.


2 thoughts on “Hikes to the falls : Goa

  1. julie December 14, 2011 / 12:41 pm

    I might remind you, in case you’d lost track of time, that you are coming back to Portland in…oh, six days. Just FYI.

  2. naturallyfundays : marcela December 15, 2011 / 12:33 am

    Yes Julie! We know 🙂 We say our goodbyes with mixed feelings, as always departures go. not my favorite part of leaving, even of going back. And it makes it even harder to have Siena and Lucas say goodbye to their friends. They are sad to leave their friends here, and being so far away we know we are probably not coming back soon. It’s hard, and it makes me sad to see these little people of ours miss their friends. So many stories, so many memories and I wish they could make more. But we are also very excited to go back to what’s ours, all that is known to us. can’t wait to see you too!

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