Surkanda Devi Temple

After a long hike and 1 km up a steep hill we reached Surkanda Devi Temple.  We take our shoes off and walk around.

We get to see the temple inside.



Taking the offerings.

And trying fresh coconut for the first time.


Photo by Lucas

It is the top of this hill and the view is amazing.

Photo taken by an unknown person who had hiked all the way up this hill.

Looking north, towards the Himalayas snow peaks, like giants looking down on us.


They use these heavy rocks, slate, for roofing.  I think it is because of the strong winds.

Photo by Lucas



The sounds and the view.





Then we had lunch at a nice park on our way back to camp.

Photo by Mark
Photo by Mark
Photo by Mark
Photo by Mark
Photo by Lucas

Bt before going down from the Temple, I did something special.  We had bought this ribbon in the store down below where we parked.

And I tied this ribbon with a wish.

So when my wish turns reality, I’ll come back to untie this ribbon.

So yes, I will return someday again, and wonder how many more gray hairs I’ll have.  Will I return with Siena and Lucas and Mark? Or will it be with our grandkids. Who knows, but it is a good reason, I think to try to come back to India, especially to these beautiful hills.  And then I’ll hear the beautiful sound of these bells once more.





3 thoughts on “Surkanda Devi Temple

  1. Monica November 27, 2011 / 8:28 pm

    ¿ Habían estado a una altura mayor ? Cuantos metros sobre el nivel del mar ? Volverán algun día ????…. ya estarán los caminos mejores y el acceso será más expedito …. la vista igual de bella ….

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