Camping : The Nights

Evenings were so pretty.  The most amazing thing for me was to see the sunset in those huge tall mountains in front of us.   These were not even the tall peaks, these were ‘just’ the Himalayas foothills.  Amazing.

We would come back from our exploring each day, take a bath with nice warm water heated at the fire, and then get clean warm clothes.  Yes!  Warm clothes finally.

It would get coool in the evenings, we had dinner, many nights we had a bonfire, and then we headed to bed.

The nights were really cold actually, but we were treated to “guateros” — hot water bottles, just like at home!   I grew up in Chile, and we had water bottles each night when it was cold, and I love them.  I think I can’t really sleep well without them.  It’s such a comfort thing for me.  I love it.  And it was great to have them while camping in the Himalayas. Who would have thought!

The kids were so much fun.  Every time we got, they’d sing.  I have a favorite song… well, I like them all, but this one, it is so pretty!  I just love the energy they have to sing it.

And they sang more songs, made plays right there.  It was so much fun!

Good night.


2 thoughts on “Camping : The Nights

  1. Monica November 26, 2011 / 7:42 pm

    ¿ Llevaste tu guatero chileno ? o hay allá alguno de esas bolsas de agua caliente ?

    • naturallyfundays : marcela December 6, 2011 / 10:28 am

      No traje mi guatero. Nos estan esperando en Portland! Pero aca tenian los mismo guateros que los chilenos. Y fue super rico, porque hacia harto frio. Me acorde de las camas de Villarrica de antes. Con los colchones duros, no se si seran de lana alla arriba, aca en Gwalior y en las ciudades, los colchones los rellenan con los “pelos” cascaras de los cocos. Asi que son super duros. Y la colcha, era com bien pesada, no nos podiamos mover, con 4 frasadas encima de uno y un guaterito… bien abrigador para esas noches heladas.

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