Founder’s Day 2011 : Art Exhibition

Everything (and everyone!) looked beautiful.

Siena is looking down at the Art Gallery where some of her work is showcased together with the other students.

The Paper Work department.

Siena’s wheel is on top, the third one from the left, with gold and bronze (mmm not sure how we’ll take that home.)

Siena at work.

Lucas at work.

Please look at her beautiful sari.

Metal Work Department.  (One of) Lucas’s favorite classes to go.

Lucas’s favorite place to go, Metal Work classroom.

Everybody was looking very nice.

Wood carving class.

Stone carving class.

These paintings were done for another program last month and I was glad to see them out again.  Such a beautiful pieces done on burlap with natural dye paints by the art teachers in the school.

This is the exhibition from the Craft classes.

Glass bangles art.

Foil art.

Painted ceramics.

Bead work. Siena made this butterfly.

Yarn art.

3D work.

Craft teacher.  Siena spends many hours in her classroom.

Siena’s yarn art.


Painted glass.


Watercolor and pen.




Wood block printing.

Photography Hobby.

French class.

There’s lots of creative people in the school.   Teachers and students alike. We’ve been enjoying going to all these classes and learning new techniques and new things each day.


4 thoughts on “Founder’s Day 2011 : Art Exhibition

  1. Monica November 14, 2011 / 7:31 pm

    ¡¡ QUE ELEGANCIA !!! Siena se ve preciosa , Lucas muy elegante con su camisa ¿ donde dejó la polera de la “U”? , Mark con corbata ¡ se pasó ! y tú con el sari que te estaban haciendo ¡ una maravilla !
    ¡Que lindas las artesanías ! ¿ con que hizo la Siena esas flores pintadas ? ¿ aprendiste a hacer esas flores de género ? ¡ me encantan ! y están de moda aqui , como adorno en la ropa , como collar ( colgadas con una cinta ) y hasta como pulsera .

    • naturallyfundays : marcela November 14, 2011 / 11:26 pm

      No, no hemos aprendido a hacer las flores. La verdad es que hay tantas cosas que ver y aprender, que se nos estan acabando los dias para todas las cosas. Al comienzo parecia que tendriamos tiempor para todo y demas… pero los dias pasan volando y hay tantas cosas que aun queremos hacer. Voy a preguntar lo de las flores para poder contarte y hacerlas contigo.
      Si, estabamos todos bien elegantes. Lucas dejo su camiseta al lado por estas horas, pero no se pone camisa ni por equivocacion!

  2. Chip Moreland November 15, 2011 / 11:43 am

    More amazing beauty! As everywhere, there are areas where you could critique the student body for improvement but when it came to the creative expression in the arts and music this place really flourished.

    You are correct. There is no way to get the art home in tact. What we did was take pictures of the art and gave them to friends. Then at home we cropped, edited and framed the art in pictures. They look great and a super memory.

    This post reminds me of the beautiful birthday art the kids do on bedsheets and hang on the walls to the way to the mess. The bursar was always pretty meager with the boys but seemed to be able to turn a blind eye to the beautiful vandalism.

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