Gwalior : A visit to Jai Vilas Palace :: Part 2

This is the second part of the Museum that takes most of the right wing of the palace (when you are looking at the building from the front) and a few rooms on the front wing of the palace as well.

And then we went to the rest of the museum with pieces from all the family and Scindia dynasty who ruled Gwalior before the British Raj.

Photo by Lucas

A rug. Beautiful details.

Siena loved the bathroom.

And the bangles rack.  I think Siena is thinking she needs to have something like that back at home, for her stash of bangles!

Lucas liked the swords and other weapons room.

And he also liked the instruments.

I personally liked the bedroom.  And I’m thinking it’s such a waste of a good mattress… I wonder if Mark being a Scindia teacher and all if they could loan us their mattress for a couple of months and some pillows… I’ll take them back before we leave.  I would.

Photo by Lucas

Photo by LucasStained glass window.

We went back downstairs to see the other wing of the palace.

This is Durbar Hall, that has two of the largest chandeliers in the world.  Mark read somewhere that they tested the ceiling to see if it would hold the weight by having elephants walk on the roof.

It was hard to see these sights but it gave us lots of conversations.

This is a mechanical toy train that carried liquor around the Maharaja’s dining table.  We had seen a photo of this being used at a special dinner with the Maharaja at a hotel here in Gwalior, near the Palace.  It was fun to see it in person after seeing and hearing so many stories and pictures.

Photo by Mark

And from the driveway you can see the school Mess on top of The Fort.


2 thoughts on “Gwalior : A visit to Jai Vilas Palace :: Part 2

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela December 31, 2013 / 11:52 pm

      Thank you! We would love to go back to Gwalior some day. Some day… Thanks for stopping by in this place.

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