The trains

We’ve done four trips on a train so far and we have one more ride ahead of us that we know of.  And we have enjoyed them so much.  I like that we can walk, talk, look outside and not worry about traffic or driving or the drivers and all the honking!  We’ve had more fun than riding in a car here, for sure!

Two of our trips we’ve traveled on Second AC.  It’s a nice set up for us.  Four beds closed by a curtain.  It leaves us enough space for Siena and Lucas to walk around in ‘our space’ and do their games and play around and also we can all sit together and read and listen to the stories.  AND! It has AC! which makes the trip much more comfortable.

A porter carrying someone else’s luggage.  I’m so glad we don’t have to do it again like our first trip from Delhi, when we arrived. Did you see those photos?  But I know the trip when we leave will be very similar in amount of luggage but at least we’ll know what to expect and how to do it.

Traveling is fun!

We started reading Harry Potter.

We can look outside and see new things and landscapes.

Now we know there’s a “Retiring Room” in one of the stations.

I think this is the Chambal River which is a tributary of the Yamuna River, that runs right next to the Taj Mahal.


We get to read and play and enjoy the ride no matter how long the ride is and where we are going.  It’s worth doing it if you come to India, for the experience, but also because i think it is the best way to travel, for sure.

This is my photo but Lucas's button-pusing skills


And also it’s great because when else would you get to knit something, listen to Harry Potter, play with legos, have a snack all while looking at the window all at the same time?

I’m making a hat for Lucas for when we go camping up north in the foothills of the Himalayas at the end of October.  In an AC’d room, feels much better to have wool in my fingers and my lap.  Yet another reason to travel by train!


5 thoughts on “The trains

  1. Chip Moreland October 31, 2011 / 12:50 pm

    We started the Harry Potter series in India too…on the trains!! Harry et al became Claire’s best allies in all times but especially times of homesickness, heat and/or general discomfort:). Harry Potter and India forever linked in our family. The trains are by far the best part of traveling. Reliving in the natural AC of San Francisco is awesome. I feel I have to find you an exchanger for next year with matching blog/reporting skills for your subsequent October when you are in Portland homesick for your adventure. Just like childbirth(ok I am told), you forget the insane heat:)

  2. naturallyfundays : marcela October 31, 2011 / 7:04 pm

    Chip, What heat? Have I said anything about “exhausting heat”? 🙂 I’m trying really hard not to get hung up on being so hot and sweaty in November! I think we will forget too when we are comfortable or even cold in our own house. But OK…. yes it is soooo hot!!!
    That’s funny you also started reading Harry Potter. We thought since we are going to be living in a boarding school, it will be a great way to understand where Harry is living and studying. Funny! and great stories. We brought #1. We asked our friend Ros and Mac to ask their friend coming from England to bring us #2. And we are asking our friend from Idaho arriving in just few days to bring us #3! I think we should be set until we arrive in Portland for the next one!

    I am excited to read our blog next year (and later) to re-live what we are doing right now. It is always so much. So much happening. So many people. So many things. So many thoughts and stories. It is amazing, and I can see how fast the next 2 months will go. We have a friend visiting, we have 2 trips planned already, few days off for Mark, 3 (out of 4) birthdays to celebrate in our family. It would be fun to read someone else’s blog and see pictures from the same place and job, with a new look. Let us know when you find one!

  3. Monica November 2, 2011 / 2:10 am

    ¿ Que es retiring room , será baño ? ¿ Que es AC´d? En una foto le haces propaganda a Columbia , se la puedes ” vender ” ….. El tren se parece al Amtrak …..

  4. naturallyfundays : marcela November 2, 2011 / 10:03 am

    Mama. La verdad es que no se que es “retiring room”… me parecio divertido porque “retired” es jubilado, pero no tiene nada que ver con eso. Debe ser para descansar. Fue una foto desde el tren no mas. AC’d es “air conditioned” (con aire acondicionado). No he andando nunca en Amtrak, asi que no se. Pero debe ser. Por lo que me acuerdo, se parece al tren cuando ibamos a Santiago a ver a la Omi.

    Y tambien nos dimos cuenta con Mark, que casi toda la ropa que tenemos (aca por lo menos) es Columbia. Desde los zapatos, zapatillas, chaquetas de todos, pantalones, camisas, poleras, calcetines… cual foto sale Columbia?

  5. Monica November 2, 2011 / 6:27 pm

    La foto es donde está durmiendo Mark , hay un libro sobre India y un estuche de Columbia , es la tercera de las últimas .

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