Jaipur : The crafts

I love hand crafts.  All kinds.  From anywhere.  My mom does too. It has something special.  So of course, as we walked through the many stores, big and little streets of India I keep looking.

Usually the ‘real’ crafts are not in obvious places.  Lots of times you need to know someone who knows someone.  We had seen the block printings.  And now Mr. Abdul took us to someone he knew.

The owner and designer was there and we spent few minutes talking of what he’s doing.

Beautiful hand work! Look at these embroidery pieces.

And we also some other stores with other crafts.

Stone carvings.

Block printing.

Painted ceramic.

Painting on silk.

Painting on silk and other materials.

Embroidery work. Always pretty.  I think!

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4 Responses to Jaipur : The crafts

  1. monica says:

    ¡¡¡ ESAS SI QUE SON MARAVILLAS !!!! ¿ Habrá algun librito con los motivos ? Los paraguas son para usarlos para la lluvia o para el sol o solamente para admirarlos de adorno ??? tienes que trae uno en la maleta .

  2. Kelly says:

    So beautiful! I wish I could wrap myself in all these beautiful colors!

    • Oh my Kelly. Yes! Everything is so colorful and beautiful, just incredible all the work they do. I look at them and think “this can’t be hand stitched”… and they are. It’s really so beautiful to just see all these arts. I’m hoping we can save these memories somehow and remember how talented so many people are. Just beautiful!

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