Jaipur : Jal Mahal * The Water Palace

On the way to Amber Palace you see the Jal Mahal which means ‘Water Palace’.  The palace made out of sandstone is in the middle of the lake Man Sagar.

We saw that one of the things you do here is throw small pieces of dough to the fish.

As we walked to the edge of the lake there were few women selling dough pieces.  We didn’t know what it was for, so we passed.   As we are looking for birds, the beauty of the palace submerged in the water, a group of men gave Siena and Lucas a hunk of dough.  They were kneading the dough right there.

And most everybody come prepared with the dough for the fish.

You can see a little bit on the wire fence, small white pieces (dough) that get stuck when they are throwing them.

The problem was when we were done.  Lucas doesn’t like to have his hands dirty or sticky so he realized now that he was uncomfortable .  He must have had some funny face or something because next moment he has this girl cleaning his hands off the dough.

No Hindi or English necessary.

And she was so cute I wish I would remember her name.  Thank you little girl!  Lucas felt much better afterwards.



One thought on “Jaipur : Jal Mahal * The Water Palace

  1. monica October 26, 2011 / 4:51 am

    ¡¡ Que interesante el Jal Mahal !! ¿ no se puede llegar a él , verdad ? ¿ como quedó rodeado de agua ? me imagino que el Lago se formó después ( ¿ es artificial?) y lo inundó quedando aislado . ¡¡ Que loco lo de los peces !! ¿ quién hace esa masa y que contiene , para alimentar a los peces ?¡¡ Que experiencia para Lucas !! besitos

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