right now

Right now:

::: I’m enjoying seeing the frogs jump in the living room from one side to the other. Every night.

::: I felt cold for the first time a couple of days ago since our stay here in India.  It was inside the pool, but it felt good to get out and get dressed.

::: I’m hoping our friends back home are enjoying the apples of our trees.

::: I’m hoping that our friends are also enjoying the vegetables we planted last spring for them to enjoy while watching over our garden, while they last.

::: laughing at how incredible huge the plants in our backyard here in India have gotten in just the time we’ve been here.

::: loving at how important festivals are in this part of the world where we are at this moment.

::: seeing the difference in the news.

::: I am happy for new friends we’ve made because we are having the same experience here in India and hoping we can meet them in person one day soon.

::: we are so excited to be receiving letters and postcards and special care packages.

::: we are thankful for everybody thinking of us while we are here in India.

::: feeling at times, at night or very very early in the morning, that I’m not sweating and don’t feel hot for a moment.

::: loving that we are all enjoying writing postcards.

::: laughing every time we ride an auto rickshaw and see the smiles in my kids.

::: and thinking that these rides are like a ride at the amusement park.

::: missing my bed and a nice hot strong shower.

::: thinking what it would take to get a new mattress in my bed here.  Like the ones in the little stores that show their merchandise overflowing out to the street when we pass by going down to the city.

::: wondering how I would get said mattress up The Fort if I did buy it.

::: glad Lucas’s fall and cut on his head from few weeks ago healed very quickly even after seeing it in the middle of the night as an almost visit to the emergency room for stitches.

::: glad we didn’t go to the emergency room that night.

::: frustrated at times to see that things break down and are not working. Like the water heater, the counter in the kitchen, the cell phone, the door bell, the shower, the spatula, the lights.

::: smiling at these same things and thinking soon enough it will all be a funny story to remember.

::: missing our two-day weekends back at home.

::: thinking it’s impossible the teachers at the school can do their best year round when their working hours are extended over 6 days in a week and very long hours throughout the day.  Especially right now when they get home by 11 or 11:30 pm.

::: loving that Lucas and Siena are finding some new vegetables they like.

::: glad to be home again from a four-day trip to another region in India.  No matter where I am at, it’s always good to come ‘home’.

::: happy to see Lucas and Siena play cricket and baseball with Mac in the fields across from our house.

::: thankful for our friendship with Ros and Mac.  Two people amazing and beautiful.  Both of us away from our home, but for now, making this our home.

::: enjoying our new friendships.

::: excited about our next trip to the foothills of the Himalayas in just another day and wondering what camping and hiking at 8,000 feet will be like here.

::: excited to be knitting a hat for Lucas for this trip.  And excited at the idea of being cold.

::: thinking I can probably make apple sauce here.

::: enjoying all the new fruits we are trying. Especially these “custard apples“.  And we thought they tasted similar to the “chirimoyas“. They are related I guess. Oh! how good they are.

What are you doing right now?

4 thoughts on “right now

  1. monica October 27, 2011 / 6:51 am

    Te contaré que investigando , chirimoyas hay en otras partes del mundo : en Brasil se llaman ” graviola” , en america latina “guanábana” y en inglés se le llama ” soursop” . No me consta pero eso es lo que ubiqué. Me imagino que ¡ no hay como nuestra chirimoya !

    • naturallyfundays : marcela October 30, 2011 / 1:09 pm

      La verdad es que compramos las frutas en carros asi como los hay en la feria alla en Temuco. Es un sector en especial que queda mas o menos cerca, abajo del fuerte, asi que hay vamos a comprar. Y un dia estaban estas frutas y no sabiamos como comerlas. Otro dia, un amigo nos compro una fruta y nos mostro. Se parten asi con la mano no mas y aparecen como pedacitos o gajos. No lo habia visto nunca. Pero el sabor!!! El sabor fue lo que a Mark, en particular, le llamo la atencion y sabia que las habia probado antes. Pensando, pensando, nos dimos cuenta que tienen el mismo sabor que las chirimoyas de alla. En serio mama! SUPER DULCES! Ricas, ricas, ricas. Ya se estan acabando eso si. Tenemos un arbol de estas chirimoyas al frente de la casa, pero los loros se estan comiendo las frutas, asi que sacamos las que alcanzabamos no mas. Super ricas!

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