Jaipur : Palace on Whell

The hotel where we stayed the first three nights had taxis for hire right there, but most importantly a BEAUTIFUL, totally beautiful auto rickshaw.

If you’ve been seeing our pictures for a while you can see lots of these in our posts.  We like riding them. So when we saw there was an auto rickshaw for hire for our next outing, we were excited.

We had asked the front desk how much it would cost to go to this one place we wanted to go that evening and they told us about 250 Rs.  So when we asked the driver of this auto rickshaw how much it would cost he said 300 Rs.  Not surprised he asked for more than what we were told it would cost, we thought for a while.   We asked the driver if he would take 250 Rs instead, as we were told and he said in broken English: “300 Rupees. Good service. No problem.  I’m very good”.  He was selling his service and seemed like a nice person.

And looking at his auto rickshaw…. beautiful!  No more to be said.  We took him.  And yes.  What a service! Great driver. First of all, and most importantly he did not honk! A real treat in the streets of India.  We get enough of it from every other car around us, so it was so nice not to have that constant beeping while driving around the city.

We had seen the real Palace on Wheels from India in a video or a book before coming.  And we thought it would be a fun trip to do.  When we checked the prices we saw we can’t really afford it.  But a fun website to browse!

So instead of going on a train we had our own “Palace on Whell”.

This is Mr. Abdul.  He likes to show the important buildings on your way to your destination.  Great, great person and a great guide as well.

He brought his son one night he was taking us somewhere, to introduce him to us.  He seems like a very nice kid too and they both seemed to have a good time together.  Mr. Abdul showed the English private school he’s sending his son to.  He said he thought it was important that he learned English.

He let Lucas “drive it”.

And Siena too!


He took us everywhere we wanted to go.

And even when this guy in  the car, driving the other way on our side of the avenue was in front of us, I don’t think he even honk! There were all the other cars beeping around us.

Mr. Abdul said he’s been an auto rickshaw driver for 28 years.  Imagine that! He knows what he;s talking about.

He always came on time. 6 pm or 5 am.  He was reliable and great to know that he was showing up when we needed him.  To go sigh seeing as well as getting to the train station.

So if you are ever in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India and need a ride, give him a call.  You’ll be happy you did.

Mr. Abdul Raees. His cell phone number is 9414337014.

PS: And by the way, I am not getting any commission to offer his service.  Just a little help for him if someone happens to stumble upon this post and you are in Jaipur.


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