Jaipur : Designs of India

As it turns out we never saw a woman in the “Women’s Cooperative’ we were told we were coming to visit.  I was a little sad it wasn’t what I expected but I still enjoyed all the designs and fabrics they had.

They showed us how the wood printing on fabric works.

1- Pick the block you want to use to print.

2- Ink it.

3- Stamp it in the fabric.

4- Press it hard (or hit it) to get the complete design onto the fabric.

5- Then you get the second wood block to stamp on top of the first impression.  It is the same object but different designs to complete the first one.

6- You have to line it up with the first print so their lines match.

7- Press it (hit it) hard again.  Try not to move it.

8- Your print is done.

Then you need to ‘do something’ to make the ink permanent.  They said you immerse the fabric in water with lots of salt to fix it.  But I’m afraid the ink will come off when I do these, so I’ll do a little more research in case I didn’t understand what they told me to do.

Here also there was a man doing some weaving.

After seeing this we went upstairs to their store.

They showed us so many designs and types of fabric. From the lowest grade in cotton to a beautifully soft cotton, and different grades of quality of silk and mix of silk with cotton.

With wood block prints.

Hand embroidered.

Photo by Lucas

And this blue one is hand embroidered with silk thread on silk fabric.


And they were bed covers and duvet covers, for single beds and double beds, and there pillow cases, and blouses and kurtas (shirts), and scarves, and bags, and tapestries, and cards on paper and silk, and fabric…. everything you can think of.

This is a fun print on silk I found in the fabric area.

By the end we were all exhausted.  Some of us were more bored than others.

Photo by Lucas

So we left after lucas made this video with some of these beautiful things in our hands.


2 thoughts on “Jaipur : Designs of India

  1. Monica October 17, 2011 / 9:35 pm

    ¡¡ Que hermosura de trabajos manuales !! uno se parece al crewel ? verdad ?

    • naturallyfundays : marcela October 17, 2011 / 9:52 pm

      Mama, si se parece harto encuentro. Tengo varias fotos de otros trabajos que fuimos a ver (en un negocio) que lo voy a poner en unos dias mas. Super lindas las cosas. Super lindas todas las artes manuales. Nos vienen a ver mama? Podemos ir a “revisar” todas las artes manuales en varios estados! 🙂

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