Jaipur : Dussehra

On Thursday, October 6 it was the end of the celebration of 8 nights.  It’s called Dussehra. It is a bigger celebration in Bengal and Gujarat but you could see and feel the festivities all over.  From Gwalior the previous nights you can hear music until late hours at night from down the city.

I love the festivities here and how much everyone is involved and how important they are in everyone’s lives.

We decided to go see a celebration (mela) in person.  It is a celebration of good over evil.  The victory of the Hindu god Rama over the demon King Ravana.

We found out a place lots of people in the city were going because they were burning two 100-feet tall demons. Sounded like something we’d never see again.  So we headed that way around 6pm with a very friendly auto rickshaw driver, with whom we ended up spending most of our days later on.

(I’m not sure what Lucas was doing in this picture)

This was the sight when we arrived. Lots of people, these huge ‘demons’ standing in the front of the field.

There were food stands in the back of the field, and vendors selling all sorts of toys.  It felt like a fair.

And we went ahead and tried food here.  Few different things. And we did not get sick! Phew.

The man in the white shirt asked us if he could take a picture of us.  So then I asked him if I could take a picture of his family.

These are pretty windmills.  Handmade with recycled paper and thin sticks that we carefully brought home with us.

There were so many people there. It looked impressive. The lights made these statues look so pretty.

And then the fireworks started.  We have never been so close to the fireworks.  It is amazing how they do this. They have all these lights on (electricity) and then the fireworks coming from right there too (fire).  All on the same stage just feet away from each other.

In the US this would never be possible.

If they were burning these huge massive statues they would have us stand I don’t know how far away, and never have lights and fire together.  It would probably happen in the middle of the river with fire trucks all around for safety.  We were standing  almost all the way in the back of the place, maybe 1/4 of a mile back.  So you can imagine how the people in front were so close of these demons with fire and fireworks… just few feet away.

For us, this was something so different that I don’t think we will never forget it.  Even just thinking of how close we got to be to a huge fire started in a show with the fireworks.

This is another short video when the demons were burning down at the end.


3 thoughts on “Jaipur : Dussehra

  1. Kristin Doherty October 16, 2011 / 10:40 am

    Hey Marcela, Mark, Siena & Lucas
    It is so fun to read about your adventures & see your incredible pictures! It makes me wish I was there exploring along with you!!! Things are good here in Portland – not much is new, but life is good. Today is Luci’s 10th birthday so we had a fun day – yesterday was Ava’s 1/2 birthday so its all about age over here! You guys are missed – can’t wait to hear about more adventures & see the super colorful pictures. Enjoy!!!

    • naturallyfundays : marcela October 16, 2011 / 11:30 am

      Happy birthday and half birthdays! How fun. 10…. that’s a big number. wow! These kids are growing up too quick! Glad to know you are all good. We are enjoying our days and taking as much in as we can. It’s been an amazing adventure. Hope you enjoy our stories and our photos. Thanks for “coming to visit”.

  2. Heiwa Heaven The Resort September 15, 2017 / 3:11 am

    Very Nice blog to inform people the different ways to celebrate Dussehra. Dussehra is also very important festival for hindus aftroll on this day Lord Rama kill Raavan and

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