The Fort : our home

The Fort is in the middle of the city.  We’ve walked in few places all the way to the edge and want to walk our way around one day.  To see all the possible views of Gwalior.

It’s amazing* (see note below) to see this fortress, one of the biggest forts in India, and we live inside it.  The first place that is recorded to have used “zero” dating from 876 AD.  Is that exciting to anybody else?

From our short walks we’ve had beautiful views.  We can see the town and the houses below, and other buildings further away.  We can see cars and motorcycles driving down the walls.  We’ve seen Langus monkeys on one side of the fort.  And on the other side, by the Students Houses, Mark, Lucas and Siena have seen lots of Rhesus monkeys.  We’ve seen peacocks, parrots, and lots of other birds I haven’t learned the names yet.  Lizards and butterflies of many colors, and so many other colorful insects.

I can’t get tired yet of being amazed* at how people were able to build these fortresses hundreds of years ago without the modern tools and equipment.

Photo by Mark

This is one of the views of The Fort from a little lower ground.

And you can see The Fort from most of the places in the city.  It stands tall in this hill, showing the power of the kingdom that once was.

Photo by Mark

*NOTE *I think I used these words (amazing, and incredible) at least once in every post, but everything is just that.  And it still seems like a dream to be here. In India.

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