Orchha : The drive

On our second free weekend here in Gwalior, back in early September, we went out of the city, thanks to Niharika’s husband, Sanjay.  It was actually just one day, Sunday, because the teachers here work Monday through Saturday so our weekends are much shorter. This is something I’m hoping Mark’s school back in Portland doesn’t try.

Sunjay took us on a beautiful trip.  We went to see Orchha. It’s a town about 120 Kms from Gwalior and took us more than 4 hours to get there.  We woke up early that day and headed south-east.

The drive was ‘fun’ and bumpy. We were able to see the outside of the city and see some farm land and other smaller towns on the way.


The landscape could be (in the most part) somewhere in Oregon, or in Chile.

If we looked at it closer there were differences.  We were in a AC’d car, so it felt much cooler than it really was.  There were rice and banana plantations.  Neither one of these grow in Portland or Temuco.

We found buffaloes, cows, dogs, and goats on the road walking every each way and laying around everywhere too, making the driving much more challenging I think.

And there was also the driving ‘on the other side’ from what I’m used to.

Did I mention also the number of passengers each car/bus/truck/auto rickshaw I’ve seen in India, has a much bigger occupancy limit than those I’ve ever seen before?  Maybe, they are up to par with those cars in Kenya we saw a long time ago.

And of course the blowing of horns.

The roads.

All of this made me really nervous to travel.  Especially at night, our trip back home in the evening was even *much* longer.   But I was really glad our friend Sanjay was driving and not me!

It was our first time in the roads of India.  It was nice to be outside.  Out of the cities, out of our house, out into more open space.   It was so much fun to see everything.

The road was especially bad when we were in a city/town.  I wonder why that is.  But by slowing down here, it gave us more time to look in every direction.  Up until this day, we had only seen 2 monkeys, from very far away. One from the hotel room in Delhi and the other one in The Fort. Both  were Langur monkeys that are large, so we were able to see a big mass with a tail walking around but not much really.   So we’ve been looking and keeping an eye for monkeys everywhere.

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And on these roads we saw these universities.

And then we stopped to see from outside, our friend Sanjay’s old work.  He’s a University Professor in Law.

And this is just the beginning of our day.

4 thoughts on “Orchha : The drive

  1. Monica September 22, 2011 / 7:03 pm

    Parece que le falta un poco de cemento a la carretera …. ¿ Cómo les quedó la sentadera ????? ¡¡ Interesante !!!! otra cultura tan distinta …… Monica

    • naturallyfundays September 23, 2011 / 12:58 pm

      Quedamos agotadisimos! La carretera terrible. Por lo menos este pedazo que lo estan arreglando (menos mal).

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