People we wish we’d met

A funny thing happens, pretty often.  Lots of people ask us to take pictures of us.  Some with us, some of us, but mostly they want to take pictures with Lucas and Siena.

Some are taken with their phone camera. Others with bigger cameras. Some in the temples and palaces we’ve visited.  Other times has been right outside our home.

Also, lots of times, they’ve asked me to take a picture of them.  I, personally, love this idea, so I always take their picture.  I get to talk to them for a moment and we’ll get to remember them.  And since I haven’t seen them since that moment, I’m posting them here to see if you, my friends, know these “almost friends”.

We wish we could have talk more and gotten to know them a little better.  For now, here I introduce them to you.

At the Red Fort.  Our first photo with strangers.

At Jami Masjid.

At The Fort.  ‘Our fort’. 

Outside our house.

At the palace in Orchha.  I’ll share this place in a later post.

A Sadhu.

Well? Now you’ve met these “friends-for-a-minute” from our first 3 weeks here in India. 

Now I need your help.  I’m not sure what I should name this post.  Can you give me any suggestions?  The winning suggestion will get to name the title for this post (permamently!) and will get a special present from us.  Just leave me a comment here in this post and we’ll decide by next Wednesday.   Deadline is September 14, 2011 — My brother, Ricardo’s Birthday.