Our first ride in an auto rickshaw

On our second day in Delhi while Mark was on his morning of meetings we decided to explore a little around the hotel.  The hotel though very nice, it was keeping us from getting out and about.  I know we only had two days there but still, it felt a little trapped.  So we decided to venture out and see the Kahn Market, someone had suggested to visit.

Just few blocks away from the hotel it seemed as if it was kilometers away.  First getting out from the all-AC hotel walking outside to the heat and humidity was a huge change and adjusting.   Walking those few blocks was like walking much farther than it actually was.  The traffic and all the cars, and the bikes, and motorcycles, the rickshaws, the honking… made it hard to thinnk to cross the street.  No stop signs or stop lights. No yield signs.  Everybody passing everybody anywhere, at any speed as if everybody was running later.  I think it’s the busy-ness of a big (very big) city. “Go ahead and try to cross.” 

And we did.  Yes, we did cross our first Indian street without any harm!  But we couldn’t have done it without our new friend we had just met the night before.  She’s from the US living in India.  Well, actually she’s from Argentina, lived in the US for many years and now living in India the last three.   Thanks to her it made our little adventure to the market much more pleasent.  She knew where to go for Siena’s needs.  Her first bangles and Indian’s clothes.  An electric adapter and of course, my first paper items as well.

And then we took a rick shaw to get back to the hotel.  “Much safer” than crossing that avenue by ourselves!  My “safety awareness” has gone down few notches now just three weeks in India.


Let’s hang on tight.  To our things and ourselves so they don’t fly out the open sides (window/door.)


And we made it just fine.