berry picking

We went to pick blueberries and raspberries.  For the first time in the last 17 years, I think, we are not picking  berries to make jam. ‘Just to eat’ (and well, freeze a few bags and out them in our friends freezer, because we can’t think we wouldn’t have our own frozen berries when we come back form India).  It’s crazy.  And we couldn’t really do it. We still picked more than we could eat.  We need these berries in the middle of the winter.  A little variety in color and flavor. It keeps us going through the wet winter months here in the Northwest, knowing we can eat something besides apples and oranges and that soon (OK, 6 months later) we can pick more berries.

We love our day trips to Savie Island.  The largest island in the Columbia River.  I like the drive there passing the parked trains, and those carts waiting for something to happen. We decided long time ago that the black ones carry coffee and the white ones carry milk and it makes my family happy to agree on this simple fact.  We then pass the church with a mass in Latin at 6 or 7 am. Then you see the bridge.  It’s new now but it’s still very pretty and especially when crossing it and seeing the Columbia River and Mt. St. Helen and Mt. Hood when it’s a clear day.  Such a beautiful place.

The farms are beautiful at this time of the year. As well as in autumn, with the orange pumpkins spread throughout the fields.  I will miss that this year.

Now, few bags of bluberries put away.  Lots of them eaten fresh and frozen already and maybe a smoothies or a pie waiting to be made in the next few days still at home.

And we also picked raspberries. Oh so delicious and another beautiful spot in the Island!

Perfect for a picnic lunch.

Climbing trees.

Seeing the farm.

Seeing nature up close.

And cooling off after picking for a while.

A beautiful and perfect day indeed.


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