if the world were to end tomorrow

I love Molly’s post from  A Foothill Home Companion with this title from few weeks ago. It made me think for a while. I loved it so much that I was inspired and thought I’d share with you what I would do, myself.

::: I’d get a bagel and a glass of milk and have breakfast with my kids. I love seeing them in the morning.  They are both, each, so different.  One ready to take on the world after devouring breakfast so quickly.  The other, quietly waking up to the day ahead, small bites, few words, but ready to go out into the world, just few minutes later.

::: I’d look at the moon as the night falls, as many times as I pass by a window.  Or even better, sit outside to enjoy the evening fall.

::: I’d have a fire in our backyard.  With roasted marshmallows and all, kids running and enjoying every bite, and friends over to share the warmth of the space, with a glass of tea or wine.  Or both.

::: I’d make dinner and share our food together around our table, a family meal, like every night.  If it’s nice, we’d sit outside.  After eating lunch outside, and playing outside all day.

::: I’d play one more capture the flag with friends down at the park.

::: I’d see and love the clematis flowers that we enjoyed few weeks ago. The blooms so big, I had ever seen before.  And I have them right here, in our own backyard.

::: I’d knit few rows in a sweater for a new baby in our family.  Hoping to finish it before it’s too small.

::: I’d look at a quilting book to get ideas for that quilt I’ve been wanting to start.  I’d go to our art studio, and start gathering all those fabrics I’d put together for a quilt.

::: I’d pass my hands through all those fabrics I put together for that one quilt, like I’m putting them to sleep.

::: I’d make a chai tea.  And hope to learn to make it with a different recipe maybe soon.

::: I’d mow the yard. I love seeing it all even and short, like it’s a new start, each time.  I love how it looks and I love as much, seeing my kids (and sometimes their friends too) playing with the little grass clippings that are left behind.  Piles here and there.  Some in buckets. Others loaded in trucks.  Others carrying them by hand to a new spot each time.

::: I’d put some music and sit.  Or sing. Or dance. Dream.

::: I’d go swimming.  Wishing for warmer weather. Maybe soon.

::: I’d look up the sky to see the trees, the clouds and the ‘blue-ness’ of this time of the year.

::: I’d make more rhubarb lemonade.

::: I’d enjoy the buntings I’ve made few years ago that we put up for each of our birthdays. We still have them up from our last celebrations.  I just love seeing all the colors in those beautiful fabrics and the festive air it brings with it.

::: I’d enjoy seeing my kids run from the outside before breakfast and tell me ‘the bees are fine’.

::: I’d enjoy learning that the bees are building yet another comb.  Or learning about their ‘testing flights’ or how they move the honey from one comb to another because there’s a brood comb in between.

::: I’d love to listen how many catches were caught in a row.  He’s getting better each day and I love seeing  his happiest face he can have.

::: I’d sit down and watch all the kids play with their friends and how they all learn from each other.

::: I’d look around at all the people I have around me.  Our friends and family and see how lucky I am.

I am ‘so very lucky’ indeed.



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