The Presidents

In celebration of the Independence weekend I thought I’d share ‘our presidents’.  We did this project a while ago and it was lots of fun project for the whole family.

We made presidents out of wooden pegs and painted them with permanent markers and paint or pencils.  Whatever we each felt comfortable working with. We got the idea from Every Day’s a Holiday book by Heidi Kenney.  Such a beautiful book with lots of projects to do.  We’ve had it from the library for few months now but I think we might need to buy it to keep it in ‘our library’.

Look at these beautiful presidents.  Can you guess who they are?

We each picked a president, read a little about him, talked about him, and drew his face and clothes.  We then painted with paints, or colored it with ‘Sharpies’.  We also added accessories if it helped make them more like themselves.  We’ve been learning about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and his love for animals, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Civil Movement, the White House, The Statue of Liberty, and so much more.  Places we haven’t been yet, but hopefully sometime soon.

It’s been so organic and so much fun for everybody.  It’s been such a beautiful US History Unit all on itself.

Here’s a list of books we’ve read:

And we have more books but I can’t remember their titles at the moment.  I’ll add them as they come up.

Hope you are having a fun 4th of July weekend.  We are finally enjoying some sunshine… and it feels so good to have it in my face.


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