the party

She asked her friends not to bring presents for her party, but instead help her with a donations to WWF to help the Giant Pandas. And so she sent over $100 for the pandas. And this is the second time she’s done this for her birthday.  I love her love for nature and all animals.  I never thought of doing this at nine years of age.

We made a piñata.  We were going to do a bamboo but we couldn’t find a balloon big enough to put the goodies inside.  So we decided to make a panda, which made a great topic of conversation beforehand, and during and after the party… a panda piñata, which everyone will want to whack as hard as they can to break? It doesn’t have to make sense, right?

We made a panda cake.

We had a party.  It rained like it was winter. But it was the middle of June in the north hemisphere. Supposedly summer.

It was an animal dress up party.

We had our fruit monster, like every year.

We had games.

We made masks.

We had a scavenger hunt.

With waterproof clues, of course.

And we had a piñata.  And yes. I know. It doesn’t make any sense.  We have a panda-loving girl who requested to her friends to skip her gift and instead help her raise money for the pandas in the wild.   And here we have them, ‘whacking’ a (piñata) panda.

We won’t be sending this picture with her donation!

We had a beautiful and fun celebration with friends.   Our ‘little girl’ turned nine.  Love you so much.


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