a good bye

So we finished our last year of preschool.  I guess we only had two years and really spread out, it didn’t seem like much.  Siena loved her preschool year so much when she went four years ago, that she really wanted Lucas to try it.   Since we’ve been homeschooling since then, Lucas didn’t know any different, and he wasn’t so sure about ‘going to school’.  He’s a home body and didn’t feel the need to go anywhere.

But last fall he was going to check it out for a month and see what he thought.  He did, and he loved it so much, he stayed and enjoyed every single day.  He loved his teachers, his friends,  and playing, and music, and snack days, and playing outside, and playing in the gym, and drawing, and reading.  Everything.  He loved every single day he went.

He had a beautiful year we will all remember forever.

First Day - Fall 2010

There were so many fun things and so many new things. He had so much fun.

On snack days we loved helping and sharing with everyone.  It was our chance to see a little more of this fun place and all of his friends.

And of course, music.  We were so very lucky to have Daniel and his amazing talent.  Music was such a big part of their days.  I loved hearing about it.

Molly and Daniel.  Thank you so much for everything you did to make each day, a whole year, as special as it was.   Thank you for the teaches and persons you were.   Lucas will always remember you.

Lucas loved all the music they shared and the songs they sang and learned throughout the year.  And I think together with that, one of his favorite things was Daniel’s slide whistle. So to celebrate the end of the year we gave Lucas his own slide whistle.

And I think having your own slide whistle is the next best thing to seeing Daniel every other day.  I love our little musician we have at home.  Congratulations on your beautiful preschool year.  You are growing so big, so fast.   Thank you for your music.


2 thoughts on “a good bye

  1. Monish Choudhary December 17, 2011 / 12:14 pm

    hi ma’am i am Monish of class VII B Scindia . Your website is full of information. I like the information about visit to India. You did so much here, now i came to know. It is very good. Please tag some pictures of Scindia. Mark sir i will always remember your phys classes. thanks a lot for staying in Scindia.Good bye. Sir, Ma’am, Lucas and Siena Marry Christmas.

    • naturallyfundays : marcela December 17, 2011 / 11:16 pm

      Hello Monish.
      I’m glad you looked at our photos. There are few posts of the school at the beginning of our stay (you can look and search for them in my blog, around August and September posts) And please keep checking in and writing. We would love to hear from you and what you are doing. We will miss everyone. Enjoy your time off. Take care.

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