bees and how we got them

After many years (20 to be exact) since our first thought of having honey bees, we have finally “jumped” in.  Yes, a little bit in slow motion, but we are there.   Here.  Our home with honey bees.   It all worked out, the stars were aligned and we found a great way to start our ‘backyard beekeeping’ love.

We watched how our neighbors were cleaning their hive so easily.  And getting such a delicious honey we got to try right there.

And to see how perfect those honeycombs are.

Look at all those bees!

Some still with larvae inside. Others being born.

Do you see in the bottom right of the picture a little head appearing?

Well, we got to see one bee be born.

Fully out of her cell, but still hasn’t opened its wings.

Walking around to get to know the new world.

Wings opening up.

Getting ready to fly for the first time.

So our neighbors’ bees had a swarm.  Actually they had three. But their second swarm was ‘rescued’ and taken to a new home.

This is Matt from Bee Thinking, a new bee store in Portland.  After-hours ‘rescue’ work.

We were so glad he knew what he was doing.

A happy camper! He got the queen and about 10,000 other bees.

And now to their new home. A top bar hive made by Matt.

We closed half of the hive. Now he pour them in.  Hope we have the queen and that she falls right in the hive.

Wait for the ‘other bees’ to follow the queen.

Close most of the bars.

Look at them flying in!

And do you see how they lift their bottom? They are sending a scent so the other bees can find their way to their new home.

Isn’t it just amazing? Amazing in so many ways.  We are all enjoying looking at these insects and the amazing work they do in their short lives.  And also amazing is that we finally have some honey bees of our own! Thank you Matt. We couldn’t have done it without you.

So here my friends, I introduce you the youngest 10,000 in our family.


3 thoughts on “bees and how we got them

  1. seeker May 18, 2013 / 10:35 pm

    Thanks for pointing me to the bee. They are awesome insects.

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