Rose Festival Starlight Parade

I think I can say this is a tradition we started by accident, 5 years ago.  We happened to be downtown Portland the day that The Starlight Parade happens.  And Siena was amazed by all the floats and lights and bands and music and dancers, dresses, uniforms… so we’ve been going I think, ever since.

We don’t really like crowded events, but this one, we can’t pass.  One more baby later, it is still really fun.  More fun!  Especially when looking at their little faces, when they parade in front of us.  Oh! And I love marching bands!

Before the parade.

Watching everything. And especially… The firefighters!

The Parade begins.

Oregon Zoo.

Timber Joey.

After the Clydesdales.

Square dancing.

The Royal Rosarians.

A parade of roses.

Dragon Boats. 

From Astoria, Oregon. NW Civil War Council.

Shriners Hospital for Children.

Greyhound Pet Adoption.

The trucks are as cool as the floats!

The Dragon Dance.

Two hours of fun and great memories we’ll treasure forever.  Especially those of my kids’ face with every amazing band, costume or trick that passed in front of us.  How love those moments.

Hope you enjoyed the parade too.


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