in Chile: first stop : TEMUCO

We had a good time while visiting in Chile.  Lots of family to see and play with.  Lots of fun.  Here’s some photos in Temuco.  A visit after over six years.

The view from Oma and Tata’s apartment.

At night.

Playing a new game (for us) with Tata. “Spot It.”  Lots of fun.

Cousins and an aunt and an uncle Lucas hadn’t met yet.  And well, after six years, everybody had changed a lot, anyways.  So, there was lots of sharing and getting to know each other.

Playing piano together with Tata.

A new set of chess. Made out of wood, painted by hand, with “mapuches” and “spaniors.”

Looking out some more. Lots to see. Micros (buses). Cars. Lots and lots of honking.  And jugglers who came at different times of the day. At night was especially fun, when they juggled with fire.  It’s too bad I didn’t get a picture of them.  Lots of entertainment from a fifth floor building!

And later this week we’ll continue with the tour of Chile.  To the south.

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7 Responses to in Chile: first stop : TEMUCO

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love the photo of Mark and Sienna looking out the window — what a view! Sounds like an amazing trip.

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