thinking globally

It saddens me seeing the pictures of the earthquake in Japan. All the damage that caused. So many people and families suffering.

These pictures are too close to what we’ve seen too much this past year. It made me remember the earthquake in Haiti, and then in Chile just over a year ago. My family and friends all live in Chile and it was very hard to be so far away, and not being able to be there.

Today, I can’t get over a woman’s comment she made to the news “I don’t know if it’s good I survived.” My thoughts are with her and with all of those suffering right now. A whole country. A whole world is aching.

It reminds us that nature is part of us. We are part of nature. We need to remember to love those around us and those farther away. Hug those close to you and live in today. That’s what it is certain right now.

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