here we go!

>Yes. Here I am. First blog. First post. I’m starting a whole new thing. Something I’ve thought and thought for many months. Years actually.  Could I write something ‘worth reading’. Could I write ‘good enough’. Could I write something other would be interested in. Could I write often enough.

Well? Not sure I have the answers to all of these questions. Not sure if I can answer any of them! At least, not yet. But I guess I need to try it to see.

I will do my best in making it fun so you can sit down and enjoy.  I’ll share our days, our adventures.  I’m sure some will be more adventurous than others.  Just like everyone’s.

Maybe our families that live far away will be able to ‘see’ a little more of us each day.  And I hope they like it too.

Hope if you are here visiting you have fun and come back. can’t wait to get started.

So…  here we go!


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