World Unit : England

In getting ready for our trip this summer, we had a Europe unit Study.  We studied France and England.  I’ve written about what we studied in France before.


For some reason I don’t have as many pictures of our unit in England, and we also ran out of time to read about before we had to leave on our trip.  So, we left the books and videos behind, and went on the real, life experiences.  Our own field trip to Europe.  The real life learning.  The best way to learn, I believe.


We read this book, about what was invented or created in England.  we had lots of fun reading about what we have today, or what we use at home or on a daily basis that came from England.  Also, we read the book from the same series, of things that came from France.  Also fun to read and look through.


And of course, there was history.  But there is so much history in this old country, that I know we only brushed the top of the top part.  But we had fun reading about Henry VIII and his six wives.  Really! SIX!  Divorced, decapitated, death, divorced, decapitated, survived.  Crazy!

These are the books we used for this part of our studies this spring:

Websites and other resources:

As always, if you have any other resources you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section. We would love to have them for future reference or if anybody else would like to use them.  Thanks! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming to visit.   have a great day!

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double decker tour bus of London

DSC_0721-smallDSC_0710-smallDSC_0366-small We had a two-day pass to ride in a double decker bus while in London.  It was fun riding on top of the bus, as well as seeing all the wonderful buildings and bridges along the Thames river from up high. DSC_0420-small DSC_0422-small DSC_0444-small DSC_0248-small DSC_0452-small DSC_0487-small DSC_0493-small DSC_0491-small DSC_0290-small DSC_0447-small DSC_0451-smallQueen Victoria’s oldest statue. DSC_0489-small DSC_0490-small DSC_0505-small DSC_0495-small DSC_0500-small DSC_0453-small We got to see lots things and places.  All those buildings and sites and icons of London.  We tried to keep up with the history, and with the telling of the stories during the trips in the bus, but there is so, so very much, I don’t think I can remember even a measurable amount.  But I am trying, at least in a visual way right here. DSC_0454-small DSC_0455-smallPunch Magazine (political satire) from the 1800’s started here, in this pub. DSC_0494-small DSC_0506-small DSC_0519-small DSC_0522-small DSC_0460-small DSC_0463-small DSC_0466-small DSC_0519-small DSC_0467-smallSt. Paul’s Cathedral. DSC_0471-small DSC_0473-small DSC_0477-small DSC_0483-small DSC_0507-smallA monument to remember the terrible London Fire of 1666, started at a bakery. DSC_0508-small DSC_0509-smallThe Thames River and its bridges. DSC_0511-small DSC_0516-smallMind the Gap.  DSC_0712-small DSC_0521-smallV2 Rockets that were used in WWII, I think were made here. DSC_0523-small DSC_0524-small DSC_0571-small DSC_0576-smallThe Eye of London. DSC_0578-small DSC_0572-smallThe Eye of London together with the Millennium Bridge. DSC_0582-smallBig Ben. DSC_0605-smallNelson Mandela statue, right outside of Westminster Abbey. DSC_0606-small DSC_0608-small DSC_0609-small DSC_0610-small DSC_0612-small DSC_0615-small DSC_0622-smallAdmiralty Arch. DSC_0623-small Thames-small The Royal Courts 1-small The Royal Courts 3 - small The Shard 1-smallThe Shard. waterloo hospital for children-small We had a chance to ride on these buses few times in different routes in our stay in the capital.  I highly recommend doing it if you are in London.  We have our favorites spots, and I will share here those places we visited inside.

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a walk in London

DSC_0202-small DSC_0203-small

On our second day in London, we still had our friends Mac and Ros as guides in the big city.

DSC_0206-smallLooking up above.  Look what I found.

DSC_0208-small DSC_0210-small DSC_0204-small DSC_0209-small DSC_0211-small DSC_0214-small

Everywhere you look, there’s so much history, so much beauty.  These buildings, if they could talk.

DSC_0221-small DSC_0227-small

And yes… the taxis are just how we had seen in pictures…

DSC_0222-small DSC_0219-small DSC_0220-small DSC_0223-small DSC_0228-small DSC_0229-smallI had no idea that the flag of United Kingdom was made up of the flag of England, Scotland and Wales.

DSC_0611-small DSC_0445-small DSC_0231-small

DSC_0459-small DSC_0456-small

DSC_0217-smallThese bikes you can rent them for the hour… love the idea and thought of using them, but we ended up walking everywhere instead.

DSC_0242-small DSC_0237-small DSC_0234-small DSC_0244-small DSC_0245-small DSC_0247-small DSC_0350-smallYup.  Lots of pictures we have.  Lots of fun we had.


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fill your life

I found a link to these words on Pinterest.


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World Unit : France : The Impressionist, Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt photo

One of the few women artists at that time (mid 1800’s), Mary Cassatt became one of the painters from the Impressionist group in France.  Originally from the US, she decided to move to Paris, having lived there, and having to convince her parents to be able to do that.  She was in her mid twenties when she arrived in Paris.  Went to school, but as other artists, she learned and enjoy going to The Louvre Museum to copy and learn The Masters.


A pretty story about this painting is the story from the book Suzette and the Puppy : A Story About Mary Cassatt by Joan Sweeney.

les-coquelicots-large Auguste-Reading-To-Her-Daughter-large

She liked painting women and children.

Ellen-Mary-Cassatt-With-A-Large-Bow-In-Her-Hair Boating-Party-large cassatt12

It was fun to study her work and notice how it changed in time.  Especially this one, they say she attended a Japanese exhibition and learned to do prints.


We are reading about the museums in Paris and trying to figure out which one will have some of her paintings.   But she wanted to bring her art to the US, encouraging high society women to buy her paintings and then donate them to museums and universities in the US.  She never married or had family, though she was a good friend of Degas, and she burnt all of her personal letters before she passed away.  Leaving nothing to base these rumors.


This horse painting was one of Lucas’s favorite.


We read about Mary Cassatt from this book, and did a project from this one.

A few other resources online we used to study Cassatt’s work:



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the telephones


England, London really, has some icons that we knew we wanted to make sure we saw.

DSC_0092-small DSC_0094-small DSC_0095-small DSC_0097-small DSC_0093-small DSC_0100-smallSo much fun.


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England : Covent Garden, London



After arriving to our hotel early afternoon, we decided to adventure into the streets with our friends, and try to stay up until it was as close to the local bed time.  We knew if we sat down for too long, our body would let our brain know we were exhausted.



But between the excitement to see our friends, the beautiful colors, the energy of the streets, the people, everything around us, the new sights, we could go into the world, this new city we wanted to discover.  



Being close to Covent Garden, we decided to go for a walk and see what we could see.

DSC_0102-small found Yoda floating in the air.

DSC_0103-smallArtists and performers in every corner.



DSC_0110-small DSC_0112-small DSC_0115-small DSC_0117-small(I want this bunting…)

DSC_0118-small(or any of these old cameras!)

DSC_0124-small DSC_0121-small DSC_0122-small DSC_0119-small(Lucas was shown how to throw the rugby ball.)DSC_0128-small

DSC_0133-small DSC_0135-small DSC_0125-small DSC_0132-small DSC_0140-small

And to finish our day, our first day in England, we went for dinner to a Moroccan restaurant with our friends youngest son.


DSC_0150-small DSC_0148-small

DSC_0157-small DSC_0153-small(It’s not many times I carry my camera to the bathroom, but I’m glad I did here.)  Some of us were tired than others that night.

DSC_0145-small DSC_0146-small

But we had a wonderful first day of our new adventure.  A real treat to be together again.


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