meals overseas

DSC_0110 copy DSC_0112 copy

I didn’t get to take pictures of everything we ate, and I wish I would have done a little more.  Our friends cooked delicious meals, every single time.  And I’ve written a bit about that, but still… we remember with such a special heart our days spent with them, and meals were so delicious and we were thankful for everything they cooked for us, and for sharing all their early produce from their beautiful garden… it was such a treat to spend time with them.

DSC_0678 copy

Handmade pasta.

We met for lunch with their friends.  We had dinner at their house with many of their friends and their sons.  What a treat it was.

DSC_0609 copySuch a beautiful, wonderful family.

DSC_0611 copy

We are lucky to have them in our lives.  Thank you for your friendship and for everything.

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where we stayed last summer

DSC_0351 copyAt our friends house in England, this summer we got to spend over 5 weeks traveling and seeing amazing things and people.  Our friends have this barn were they made it a home for us.

DSC_482 copy DSC_0363 copy DSC_0362 copyWhat a treat it was. Such a cozy, beautiful place.

DSC_0365 copy DSC_0366 copyWe got visited by the feathery friends on their way back and forth.

DSC_0367 copy DSC_0134 copy

DSC_0111 copy

And sometimes they visited us inside too.

DSC_0130 copy DSC_0125 copyThis is the view of the road from the window.  It is so quiet and peaceful. DSC_0122 copy DSC_0120 copy DSC_0003 copyIt was having a whole house to ourselves.

DSC_0131 copy DSC_0133 copy

DSC_0130 copy DSC_0172 copy

At the end of the day we got to spend some time catching up on football games (it was the World Cup weeks after all) or maybe watch an episode of an old Survivor show we took borrowed from our library.

But for the most part, we spent our time outside.  There was so much beauty and fun things to do besides hanging out with and hopefully help out our friends in some of their chores around the house and garden.

DSC_0151 copy

A beautiful place indeed.


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Ironbridge, Shropshire in England

DSC_0551 copy

Ironbridge, the town, takes its name from the famous first arch Iron Bridge ever built.  It says “Birth Place of Industry.”

DSC_0488 copy DSC_0489 copy

We took a little walk and that town, as most places we visited in England last summer, stole my heart.  Such a beautiful place, with nature and beauty all around.

DSC_0490 copy DSC_0492 copy DSC_0493 copy DSC_0494 copy DSC_0498 copy DSC_0510 copy DSC_0527 copy DSC_0507 copy DSC_0509 copy DSC_0566 copy DSC_0568 copy DSC_0569 copy DSC_0571 copy DSC_0574 copy DSC_0573 copy DSC_0572 copy DSC_0575 copy DSC_0576 copy DSC_0577 copy DSC_0579 copy DSC_0585 copy DSC_0586 copy DSC_0594 copy DSC_0595 copySausage roll. 

DSC_0597 copyPork skins.  You gotta eat them warm.

DSC_0598 copyPasties.

DSC_0602 copy DSC_0603 copy DSC_0604 copy DSC_0605 copy DSC_0606 copy DSC_0600 copy DSC_0601 copyYup!  We had to go back to try something else.  So, so good!


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The organ concert at Ellesmere College

DSC_0663 copy DSC_0612 copy

We headed one day to Ros’s old job, the school where she taught for years, to an Organ concert.   DSC_0613 copy DSC_0630 copy DSC_0619 copy DSC_0638 copy DSC_0614 copyA beautiful organ, the sound, the sight.  Amazing.

DSC_0639 copy DSC_0641 copy DSC_0643 copy DSC_0651 copyAnd at the end to another room to listen to another newer organ.

DSC_0652 copy DSC_0657 copy

Now I leave you with Siena’s favorite, from Star Wars.


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The Iron Bridge in England :: A World Heritage Site


DSC_0518 copy

DSC_0495 copy

One of the last days we spent in England, our friend Mac took us to see The Iron Bridge.

DSC_0497 copy

The Iron Bridge is the first arch bridge made out of a new material back then, cast iron.  It was built in 1781.

DSC_0501 copy

Look at these poppies…. I love the sparkle of colors. DSC_0502 copyI love poppies.

DSC_0504 copy DSC_0506 copy DSC_0503 copy DSC_0512 copy

The Iron Bridge, was built in the year 1779.

DSC_0513 copy DSC_0517 copySevern River, the longest river in the United Kingdom.

DSC_0515 copy DSC_0522 copy DSC_0521 copy DSC_0528 copy DSC_0520 copy DSC_0531 copy DSC_0533 copy DSC_0536 copy


Intended to be an advertisement for the skills of the Coalbrookdale iron masters, and it proved a spectacular success.  Architects and engineers came from all over the world to marvel at it, and Abraham Darby (who built it) was awarded the gold medal of the Royal Society of Arts.  Thomas Pritchard, the architect, died before it was completed.

DSC_0541 copy DSC_0544 copyAnd people still go today to marvel at this amazing work of engineering.

DSC_0545 copy DSC_0546 copy DSC_0547 copy DSC_0552 copyA World Heritage Site.  Of course.  DSC_0553 copy DSC_0555 copy DSC_0550 copy DSC_0563 copy DSC_0558 copy DSC_0561 copy

So amazing to be standing right there, witnessing such an amazing work done almost 240 years ago.

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Fall In Swim Meet

DSC_0001 copy

DSC_0141 copyDSC_0064 copy

This past weekend we went to Siena’s second swim meet of the season. It was in Portland, so it was easy to get to and be back home for the rest of the day.

DSC_0065 copy

When Siena goes to check in, then stay in line for her heat, and then wait and warm up for her race, I am always trying to find her.  I know her race, her heat, her lane.  But still, all those kids in swimsuit and caps, seen from up above, they look a lot alike.  This picture made me laugh, because it felt she was waving at me, so I can find her.

DSC_0082 copy

And then Mark. Also flagging me. Well no, not to me I guess.  It was for the head timer, he needed a new timer. But also, it made me laugh.

DSC_0004 copyBoth of them getting ready for their thing.  Mark timing a new race, Siena readying for hers.

DSC_0103 copy

Her first race of the meet is 50 meter Breaststroke.  That has always been one race that causes Siena problem.  Her kick.  She does the scissor kick, and she’s been working on it.  She did 100 meter in Hood River last month, and did great.  This time it’s just 50, one turn, and that’s it.  She did great.  No disqualifications and a beautiful swim.

She does it beautifully again.  And she cuts three seconds from her last time!

DSC_0074 copy

DSC_0077 copyYup! We are watching you.  We are ready.  (And we love you too!)

DSC_0078 copyHer second race of the morning is 50 meter Backstroke.  Siena is ready and excited for it, but nervous.  Last time in Hood River she did fine, but for a while it seems like she was having lots of problem with her turn.  Hard to time when to turn before you hit the wall with your head.  Maybe for me I guess.  Not for these kids swimming.  They make it seem so easy.  But I know she’s been practicing.DSC_0081 copyA beautiful race.  She arrives first in her heat.  She gets a heat winner tag to add to her backpack.  She should feel so good about that race. She did great.  Check it out.

DSC_0068 copyTimes.  I don’t know them by heart so I take a picture so we can see them and write them later.   DSC_0087 copy She talks to the coach and he tells her she’s cut 3 seconds from her last time again.

DSC_0091 copyWe are so proud of you!

DSC_0094 copy DSC_0092 copyAs in all swim meets, there is some sitting, talking, volunteering, sewing, knitting, playing, and watching of course.

DSC_0048 copy

DSC_0049 copy DSC_0046 copyLots of time in between races. Enough time to hang out together with friends and get to spend time together.

DSC_0140 copy DSC_0139 copy

The second day.  100 meter IM, Individual Medley.  I love this race.  We get to see the kids swim all four strokes and they are so pretty in the water.

DSC_0032 copy

DSC_0023 copy DSC_0025 copy

Just 8 minutes later Siena has her second race of the day.  100 meter freestyle.  She was tired with not much time to rest.  But she was OK.  She knows she can do her best.

DSC_0027 copy

DSC_0035 copyMark and the other volunteer dad timing, both watching their kids swim… and also not to forget to time the other lane!  The both girls raced neck to neck.  It was a fun one.  Siena finishes second with less than a second.  So close and so much fun.

DSC_0040 copyFriends cheering for each other.  Supporting each other.  That’s all it matters.  Having fun.

And last, she has her favorite race I think, 50 meter butterfly.  And in this race, she finishes first place in the meet and improves 2 seconds from her best time.  She’s improved so much since she started over a year ago.  Look how pretty it looks…. OK, you probably knew I’d say that, but really!  Butterfly? It’s such a hard stroke and these girls make it look like a walk in the park.

DSC_0070 copy DSC_0074 copyYes, we are so happy for you my girl.  We are so very proud.  And you should be too.

DSC_0078 copy(Thank you for showing it to me. It’s all you, you earned it!)

DSC_0086 copy

She’s very excited of all she accomplished in this meet this weekend.   She can see in her new improved times, her hard work is paying off.  Going to practice 3 times a week (and wishing for more!) and always ready, every single time.  Her swim bag ready to go in the morning.  She waits for swimming all day.  Well my sweetie? Your dedication and hard work is paying off.  It always does.  But I know when she can see it like that, in specific race times, in no disqualifications,… it really helps.

DSC_0088 copy

What a fun weekend it was.  Thank you my little big girl.  Thank you Coaches too!

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making :: an Ancient Roman Soldier helmet

DSC_1006 copy

As part of our Ancient Rome unit, we made a soldier’s helmet.  We followed the instructions from this book.

DSC_1009 copy DSC_1003 copy

We inflated a balloon. It was hard to guess the size of their heads to make sure it fit but not too big.  We made these twice, and still ended up having them too big for their heads, but they made it work. DSC_1005 copyWe covered the balloons with paper mache.  Instead of making the glue, we used white glue with a bit of water stirred in, to make it thiner.

DSC_1007 copy DSC_1008 copyMade it really smooth and let it dry for a day or two.

DSC_1091 copy Once dried, they popped the balloon.

DSC_1092 copy DSC_1090 copyAnd tried it on.  We cut with scissors around to make it look more like a helmet instead of a turban.

DSC_1103 copy DSC_1105 copyThen we added a plume in the center, on top.

DSC_1106 copy DSC_1107 copyAnd added a cut out paper plate for the neck cover.

DSC_2001 copyThey painted it gray (like metal helmets.)

DSC_2003 copy DSC_2005 copyAnd let it dry overnight.  The plume had to be red, of course.

DSC_2087 copyWe let it dry few hours, and then cut around the ears.

DSC_2086 copy DSC_2085 copyWe then cut a chin cover with different fabrics that I have in my stash.  Siena wanted to use a left over piece from jeans I had used for another project.  And Lucas used an acrylic leather-type piece.

DSC_2091 copy DSC_2094 copyLucas decided to add a tie.  And now they are all ready for their fighting.

DSC_2095 copy DSC_2099 copy DSC_2100 copy DSC_2102 copy

Even though we are done with our Ancient Rome unit, I think they are re-thinking and are wanting to make a shield too.  With these helmets now, a shield is a must.  We’ll see what they come up with.  But for now, these helmets were a fun project to do.

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