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last week…

Yes, last week was filled with doing, making, excitement, playing, and lots of catching up. Last week: … I was sadden with yet another tragedy in Chile.  A second time around for Michelle Bachelet in presidency, and she continues having to … Continue reading

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a new hike in the city : Lower Macleay Park

We wanted to take a new hike the other day.  We didn’t want to drive too far.  We just wanted to get out.  It was a rainy day, you know… it’s Portland!  You just need to get good shoes and … Continue reading

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snowing apples + blog anniversary

Well you probably know, that it can’t actually snow apples.  I know.  But it is snowing apple blossoms, though!  Though both of our bee hives disappeared during the winter (we are very sad about that) it seems as though the apple … Continue reading

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readying the garden

It has been mostly Siena and Mark who have gotten the garden ready, with help from some of us at times. Getting the hose rolled up (should we have done this before winter?), setting up the green house, getting the … Continue reading

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total lunar eclipse + the blood moon

I’m up late tonight.  I wanted to stay up to watch the total moon eclipse.  I love watching the moon.  I enjoy knowing its cycle, it amazes me every time how nature does its thing and it has done it for thousands of … Continue reading

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trying out

Last month it was the baseball try outs.  Indoors, because of all the rain we had those weeks. Lucas’s coach from last year, suggested we had Lucas go to the next level in baseball, though he is younger than the … Continue reading

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the tree goes down

Few weeks ago, one Saturday afternoon, we are driving home and we can’t turn on our street.  There is a police car in the corner closing the road.  My heart jumps for a bit.  But it is the tree in … Continue reading

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signs of spring in March

The sun comes out and we think spring is here to stay.  Deep in our heart, we know, we totally know, it’s just a tease.  More rain is yet to come.  But for now, and maybe because of this, we … Continue reading

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This time of year it’s the winter-spring time.  When some days are like winter, but then few hours later the sun comes out and spring air is all around us. Everything is waking up.

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rolling around

Last year, we went skating to the skating rink few times.  Lucas learned some and Siena remembered from times we had gone before.  But it wasn’t until Lucas’s birthday last November, that he wanted to go back to the skating … Continue reading

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