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a kids’ swap

Last February I participated in my first blogger’s swap.  I had so much fun and I wrote about it a couple times already.  I am still enjoying my presents as they decorate our tables around the house. After looking around blogland … Continue reading

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the panda hat

Last winter, Siena asked me to knit her a panda hat.  Well, I guess it was two winters ago.  So during a trip to the snow with friends last year, I took my knitting project.  By the time we arrived at … Continue reading

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a little spring inside

Our house is not that big, but even though there’s other places, our dining table seems to always be the center of our lives.  And it always seems to be full.  Full of happenings, full of stories, of laughs and … Continue reading

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making : sewing for Siena

Siena has a favorite shirt that she’s worn for a couple of years now.  It has, of course, changed how it fits her, but she likes it as is right now.  She asked me if I could sew her another … Continue reading

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making : a birthday pillow

It was my dad’s birthday few weeks ago, and I had been thinking for a while, what to make him.  They live in Chile, and I try to make them something for them every time.  Something my mom can’t make … Continue reading

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a special bag

I’ve had this bag for many years.  My mom brought it to me one of these past years they’ve come to visit us. But this bag, I can’t use.  I can’t use it for our trips to the store. I’m … Continue reading

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making some more

Sometimes Siena has the making bug.  I totally understand.  If there’s been days that we haven’t created much, it starts to build up.  I get that same bug. One day she was looking through the parachute bracelets she and Lucas had … Continue reading

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a new carder

For years now (6, 10, 15? not sure) I’ve thought it would be fun to have a drum carder.  I borrowed one for a month or so few years ago, and Siena and I had fun with it. I have … Continue reading

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A handmade kids swap + making (sewing)

Last month some women bloggers had a swap organized by Amanda from Sweet Potato Claire.  It was my first time, and I had so much fun!  Between the thinking, the planning, the making, the packaging… and of course the receiving! (I blogged … Continue reading

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making : upcycled bag

Remember the placemats I made last year with an old quilt I found at the thrift store? I still have some blocks left, after I cut up that quilt.  I also had a bag I thought I could fancy up … Continue reading

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