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Ellesmere College, England

Ellesmere College is a private (that is independent, but it’s called “public” in England) high school. It is where our friend used to work, and where Mark visited for a day while we were in England. Ros organized a visit … Continue reading

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off we go…

We’ve been planning and saving and working on this summer’s vacation for years.  For many years, we’ve been saving a little here and there for ‘a trip’.  We then had the chance to go to India.  And that was a trip and … Continue reading

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total lunar eclipse + the blood moon

I’m up late tonight.  I wanted to stay up to watch the total moon eclipse.  I love watching the moon.  I enjoy knowing its cycle, it amazes me every time how nature does its thing and it has done it for thousands of … Continue reading

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:: On Traveling to Beautiful Places ::

Today, two years ago, we came back home after five months of an amazing adventure we took as a family.  Not everything was pretty or fun or amazing.  But sometimes it was all of these, at the same time.  But … Continue reading

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the Greek Festival

It’s been a couple of weekends ago now, we went to the Greek Festival here in Portland.  It was held at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral. It’s the first time we’ve been there, and we thought since we’ve been studying … Continue reading

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there’s always room for more

I’ve been thinking and reading about our first days in India.  I’m glad I wrote this blog and posted the pictures.  At times, I miss the excitement and all most of the feelings and sights and experiences we had.  An … Continue reading

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two years ago…

                            Two years ago today, we were arriving in a home we would spend 5 months in. In a new place, in a new country with unimaginable adventures and stories ahead of us.  I can still remember … Continue reading

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