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the forgotten early spring photos

Early in the spring I took photos.  With colors, the rain, the sunshine, the warmth, the cool air, all seems to sprout at once after our winters.   And spring came and is gone.  Now, onto summer.

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a garden tour

The garden has been done mostly by Siena and Mark.  They’ve started the plants from seeds, Siena watered them every day without forgetting.  Set up the greenhouse back in March, and have kept their plants growing. They had lots of plants.  Siena … Continue reading

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The poppies I have in the front yard are so beautiful.  They come up quietly in the early spring, and all of a sudden they open, with its paper-like petals, filled with color, and the dark filaments. So so beautiful. … Continue reading

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nettle picking this year

Last month we went to pick nettles to our usual spot. It was a nice day this time. I wrote about our harvest last year here and the time before that also here. It had been raining, but that day was not. … Continue reading

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spring has sprung

The shadows are getting shorter.  The days are getting longer.  It is amazing how the days and daylight changes within months, in this part of the world.  We are actually measuring the shadows, since last December, and it’s fun to … Continue reading

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spring cleaning

Every spring, the first few sunny days, brings me the energy for cleaning and de-cluttering, and fixing and getting rid of what we don’t use or need anymore. By then, we’ve been inside for many months, cleaning and using every … Continue reading

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snowing apples + blog anniversary

Well you probably know, that it can’t actually snow apples.  I know.  But it is snowing apple blossoms, though!  Though both of our bee hives disappeared during the winter (we are very sad about that) it seems as though the apple … Continue reading

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readying the garden

It has been mostly Siena and Mark who have gotten the garden ready, with help from some of us at times. Getting the hose rolled up (should we have done this before winter?), setting up the green house, getting the … Continue reading

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This time of year it’s the winter-spring time.  When some days are like winter, but then few hours later the sun comes out and spring air is all around us. Everything is waking up.

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And at our friends’ home.  Their yard is a little paradise! Take a look. Colors and textures everywhere!  I love it! Oh… and this plant.  Oh yes! It’s native from southern Chile.  The Chilean Rhubarb I guess.  Gunnera tinctoria.  Isn’t … Continue reading

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