Native Americans : making a dreamcatcher


The other day we made dreamcatchers.

I’ve never heard of them until I moved to the US (many years ago), and since then, I’ve read about their meaning, and of course, seen them all around.  But it was when Lucas was tiny, one night he had bad dreams, and Siena, being the caring big sister she is, and sleeping in the top bunk bed with him, she remembered she had one put away somewhere.   She had gotten it in the mail from a donation she had made, I think (oh the details… they escape me!) And so that day, she gave it to Lucas and put it on their bed, on top of where Lucas slept.


For a long, long time, this dreamcatcher did its job. Then last summer, when Lucas moved out of his bunk bed, we took it down, and he was a little worried he wasn’t going to have his dreamcatcher that had been watching over his dreams for few years.


So, last week, we made one. We each got to make one and we had fun.  Lucas was so intent in making it, he loved working with sinew, and the branch he found for us. He likes this type of craft.  Not messy, just moving his fingers and hands to create something beautiful.

DSC_0142-small DSC_0148-small DSC_0149-small DSC_0150-small

Siena, worked hard on hers too.  As she finished, she was already planning in making more.  I love that we used a branch instead of a metal ring or an embroidery hoop as I was originally intended to do.   I’m also glad we used the sinew Lucas and Siena love to create their cordage with.  It looks natural, and it was a fun project for us to try.  I see a lot more coming our way!



There’s lots of information out there on how to make them.  Lots of photos, websites, but we used this video to figure out the knots and the how to go around.  Great video by the way.

DSC_0152-small DSC_0159-small

Note 12/1/13: I forgot to mention we read this book and really enjoyed it.  Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher by Becky Ray McCain.


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2 Responses to Native Americans : making a dreamcatcher

  1. Amy Jo says:

    Please tell Siena and Lucas I would love to commission them (we could do an exchange or, if they prefer, cold hard cash!) to make one for Ossley. He still has such a terrible time with sleep. Maybe a dreamcatcher would help!

    • Hi Amy Jo. Siena would love to talk to you about this “gig” :-) I told her, and she’s excited, because she’s been making quite a few and loving all that entails. From thinking how big to make the dreamcatcher, and how big the spacing, if to put feathers or beads, and where to put them… lots of fun. She’ll call you soon.

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