:: Our Christmas ::

We had a great day, full and with so much fun.

DSC_0148-smallWith excitement. DSC_0156-smallWith togetherness.

DSC_0166-smallWith sweets.

DSC_0177-smallWith lots of playing.


With the cinnamon rolls I make once a year, on this day.

DSC_0181-smallWith delicious oranges.

DSC_0188-smallWith new socks.

DSC_0197-smallWith new games.

DSC_0206-small DSC_0209-smallWith great smells…

DSC_0215-smallWith funny times.

DSC_0235-small DSC_0239-smallWith drawing and testing of new books and art supplies.

DSC_0245-smallAnd with the best gift Lucas and Mark can always get… some bed wrestling!  Hope yours had lots of fun too.

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