:: 10 times around the sun ::

Two digits. Siena has been saying ‘she’s almost 10′ since last year, a long time ago.  She’s been waiting. And now she’s 10. Ten. T- E – N!

Yesterday morning, around 6:30am, 1o years ago, she was born here in Portland.  We didn’t know if she was going to be a boy or a girl.  We were waiting to see, and I remember like it was yesterday the days at the hospital with all its crazy-ness and stressful moments.  And even more beautiful the day she arrived and we held her close for the first time.  This day.  Ten years ago.

Like it was yesterday.

And come see how much she’s grown up.






Turning 7.  The Fairy Party.


Turning 8.  The Art Party.

Crazy how fast the time goes by.


Turning 9. Panda Party, last year.

In India at the Taj Mahal.  A dream come true.


Photo by Mark.

Yes.  You are ten now, my little one.  You’ve grown so much.  And we celebrated today.

Remembering the last ten years in our lives.  With you.

You talked to grandparents and friends. Phone is great, but I must admit Skype is very great as well too.  It makes the world seem much smaller!  Perfect for when you have friends and family and grandparents living in other country across the world.

We went swimming (appropriate to her day) to a new place with huge slides, a waves pool, lap swimming… lots and lots of fun.  Just minutes away from home, but we’ve never been before, and today was the perfect day to check it out.  Note: Just to clarify, this picture above is not of us at the pool, it’s just to remind us of the fun time we had at the Aquatic Center.

And then we got home to celebrate with two very special friends over dinner with us.

10 candles to celebrate the 10 years. Candles made by Lucas and Siena.  Candle holders made by Lucas.

Fresh flowers for the birthday girl brought by our friends.

Fresh salad from our garden.

Papá’s mac n’ cheese ordered by the birthday girl, few weeks in advance.

And Papá’s homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie.  Good it was a cold evening last night, to have the oven on for a while.

And great company.

With an original poem dedicated to our birthday girl.

And a delicious ice cream.

A special evening indeed, together.

Mu little girl is growing right in front of our eyes and she’s such a beautiful person.  I feel lucky to share my life with her.

And it’s not a complete day without art.

Happy Beautiful Birthday.  Thank you for teaching me so much.  I love you a lot too.

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3 Responses to :: 10 times around the sun ::

  1. Glenda Miller says:

    A special celebration of a special person on a special day!

  2. Amy Jo says:

    How is it that I am getting choked up reading this? I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Siena is 10. Happy birthday sweet girl!

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