I have Poppies in my garden.  I’ve always admired these beautiful plants.  The flowers seem so delicate, paper-like.  I’ve taken lots of pictures of them but never before I’ve had them in my own garden to admire.

I’ve bought lots of cards with paintings and drawings of poppies. Look at this page, full of beautiful poppy-art.   And Claude Monet’s Poppy Field. Van Gogh Poppies.  And of course, I think my favorite painting, Georgia O’Keeffe‘s Oriental Poppies, and the other ones.  Included the stamp that came out a long time ago with her painting.

Siena and Mark came home one day two springs ago with a plant of poppies.  So we put it in the front yard, right next to the window to admire.

And this spring… look at what we witnessed:

I shared other photos on Friday too, I love them.  We’ve been enjoying the blooms, the colors, the smell, the bees coming to visit them, watching these plants daily, even few times a day to admire their beauty.  Such a beautiful plant.  I hope we’ll be able to enjoy them more springs to come.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE poppies too!

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