:: right now ::

What a couple of weeks we’ve had. It’s been so much fun.  I am:

:: loving the change in the days, from rain to sun, clouds moving so fast on top of us.  I don’t mind as much the rain still, and I’m loving when the sun comes out.  It is Portland after all!

:: watching the moon, and its cycle.  I want to get one of these calendars.

:: trying to figure out how to put this calendar on the side bar of my page.  Does anybody know how I can do this on wordpress?

:: trying very hard to stay in the present.

:: loving seeing Lucas so immersed in baseball, and his new experiences in a team, learning so many things in so many levels.

:: enjoying seeing Lucas with our good friend, share their love for baseball.  Lucas looks up to him and enjoys his company and baseball playing every time.

:: loving seeing Siena loving swimming so much as well.  So much she loves it that she enjoys the “pool smell”…

:: loving seeing Siena so excited coming back from her daily check of her greenhouse, and update on how big her plants are, which seeds are sprouting and which ones are not.

:: trying to remember Siena’s face when coming from her said visit to her greenhouse. What a face. These moments, are certainly beautiful.  I want to stay in the moment.

:: seeing all the playing and talking about bees with friends and neighbors as well.

:: trying to figure out what our days ‘should’ look like, to make everyone comfortable and meeting everyone’s needs.  If I stay in the moment, it’s enjoyable.

:: enjoying every non-rainny moment to play outside, garden, eat lunch and dinner out of doors.

:: excited to see that our local Farmer’s Market has started.  A sign of spring for sure!

:: loving seeing Lucas be so ready for his games, so excited and passionate.

:: enjoying new friendships.

:: happy to see that our new bees are staying in their new home.

:: reminiscing our great time at Cirque du Soleil, Ovo.

:: enjoying seeing Siena and Lucas remodel our playhouse into what they want right now.  Perfect!

:: hearing all their plans for their new, remodeled space, with dreams of staying and keeping it forever even as Mamá and Papá get old.  So fun!

:: loving our new (almost can’t hear it) dishwasher.

:: even loving more the man I live with who hooked it up. Thank you so much!!!

:: glad we could help our friends to get ready for their move.  (Hopefully closer to us!)

:: enjoying hanging out outside and having fires for no other reason than having one to warm up and hang out.

:: looking forward to drying and making fun things with the wild plants we picked yesterday (more on this later.)

:: I am so happy of having had a complete ‘wild salad’ last night, from the plants we harvested on our hike yesterday.

Have a great start of your week.

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