Goan Village

On our last morning in the forest in Goa, at the Wildernest Resort, Siena feeling much better (but me starting to feel the same illness) we decided to go see a small village.

They took us in this bus.

I wish I’d remember the name of the village.  And by this sign I couldn’t tell either because it was in Hindi.

The village.

Where the water is for the village.  Everybody has their jug and they wait for their turn for when there’s enough water.

Here this woman is carrying her water back to her house.

This is their community center where they hold the town meetings.

Bananas tree.  Here in India, few months ago, was the first time Siena and Lucas had seen a banana tree. It was pretty exciting to see where one of their favorite fruits comes from.

We saw so many bricks laying everywhere, and houses being built that it was hard to not pay attention to them.  They told us that lots of people from the village were going down to the city to work now, but they still wanted to keep their home here in this small village and they had enough money to build a better home for themselves.  So it was good news for everyone here, new, better houses for some of these families.

The bricks.  The clothes drying. Wood pieces. The cricket bat.

They are working on building a new house.  Notice the woman carrying bricks on that basket on top of her head.

Every house in this village had a special place for a Tulsi plant.

We crossed a little creek to go see a temple.

In the background you can see some women washing their clothes.

An ant hill.

Looking down to the village from one end.

 This is the Hindi temple we went to see.

Hanuman Temple.

Photo by Lucas

Photo by Mark


Photo by Mark

A lizard we saw on our way back.

Photo by Mark


As we were leaving this family invited us into their home.

Their chicken.

Photo by Lucas

It was a beautiful visit.

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