Hiking to a great view : Goa

We did few hikes while we were staying at the Wildernest Nature Resort, in Goa.

The guide was telling us that people collect this moss to make pillows.  And now people are trying to teach them that it’s not good for the trees and the forest to remove these.  But I can see why they feel it’s OK.  There is lots of it around here.

We found a herd (I think it is) of wild boars.

And we also saw one wild hen.

We also found this crab, I don’t know how many miles/kms away from the water.  But we took it to the small pond we were walking to.

Photo by Lucas

Lucas and Mark went on a couple of hikes that Siena and I stayed back because we were not feeling our best.  I know we missed on some beautiful views.

The guide from the resort took them to this Plateau Hike.  

Look at these pictures Mark and Lucas took.

These pictures remind me of Africa.  I can almost see the giraffes passing in the back or eating from these trees.

Look at these beautiful colors. Beautiful sunset.

What an evening.  What a place really. If you are ever here…. you must visit it. It’s beautiful!

To celebrate the holidays, I will be quiet here in my space for few days and I’ll be back next week. This will give us some time to re-adjust to our new time zone (13 1/2 hours is a lot to ask of your body!), enjoy being a little more quiet, and truly enjoy our days together at home.  Reconnecting with all that is known to us here, seeing friends, and being present in the celebrations coming up.  There’s lots to think about and lots to celebrate.  Hope you can celebrate too.

Have a beautiful next few days with those you love, wherever you are.

Happy Holidays.

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One Response to Hiking to a great view : Goa

  1. Monica says:

    ¡¡ MARAVILLOSO!! con letras grandes …. buscando parecidos , la florcita amarilla ( donde hay una mariposa ) se parece al Retamo nuestro….. ….. FELICES FIESTAS también…..

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