Orchha : The Palaces : Part 2

Photo by Lucas

Now we are climbing and going into the courtyard of the Jahangir  Mandir.


Siena reminds me that she liked seeing that the doors for women were smaller than the ones the men used.  This was so when the women came out of the door they appeared bowing to the men.

The elephants are carved and painted and appear everywhere in many constructions.

Photo by Lucas

Walking through labyrinth stairs and walls we find views like these.

The more stairs we climbed the higher we got.

The better the view to the outside.

And a beautiful view of the palace as well.

Photo by Lucas

I love these moments….

and what’s going on in his mind…

“Hang on to your hat because it’s getting windy… yes I am…” and so the story began.

The hat flew off her hands and landed on the roof of the many levels of the palace.  We climbed down the stairs to ask for a ‘large stick’ for a very hard to explain reason.  A man ended up climbing on this roof even with pouring rain to rescue this very old-found in a garage sale-hat.  It was saved and it meant a lot.

Large vultures.

A great tour guide indeed.

A beautiful place as well.

Now to lunch and more sights of Orchha the next posts.

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4 Responses to Orchha : The Palaces : Part 2

  1. Henry Gomez says:

    Great pictures guys, I am coming to India on december 28th 2011 do you have any piece of advice for me

    • Hello Henry. It feels as if we just have arrived to India, and I am not sure I have any advise for you yet. The only thing I can thing of as of now, is that you get your vaccines (if you are getting any) with enough time. We barely made it on schedule, and it was by pure luck we got the right timing. One of the shots we got had to be 28 days in between the first and the second doses and we didn’t know that.
      Maybe you can check in with us some time in November and I bet I’ll have a better idea and suggestions by then. What we’ve brought as been the right things so far. And I am very glad we arrived very late at night 11:30pm in Delhi. I explain our arrival in my post Arriving in Delhi

      Good luck and do check in with us in a little longer.

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