Delhi ::: The Hotel

Finally have some internet connection AND some free time to download pictures.  We are in Gwalior already, in our new home, but wanted to share the photos from the very nice hotel we stayed for 3 days in Delhi.  We enjoyed every bit of it! Come and see it.

Here’s where we saw our first monkey and peacocks, from very far away.  Second floor bedroom window.

Our view.

A fun elevator.

An amazing lobby.

Details like these tell me India.


Outside.  It rained every day a little bit but with heat so it dried out very quickly.

This picture we took for Siena’s and Lucas’s friends in Portland and their ‘Butler Game’ they made up in the backyard.

We really enjoyed the swimming pool as well.  Perfect for cooling off as many times as needed!  Such a big change in the temperature from our very cool summer we were having in Portland.

I’ll share our breakfast foods in my next post!

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5 Responses to Delhi ::: The Hotel

  1. Ryan says:

    Yay! Thanks for all your diligent posting. I love seeing all the photos.

  2. Kim says:

    Phin says Lucas looks bigger :)

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